Best of Maui 2014 Reader Poll Results


2014 Best of Maui
We’ve done many Best of Maui issues through the years, and they’ve proven to be our most popular. Everyone on the island, it seems, wants to know who serves the best cocktail or who sells the sexiest bikini or who is the best political activist. So every year we publish Best of Maui ballots, and our readers flood our offices with their votes.
But this, we decided to change things up by throwing a 207-year-old pirate named Capt. Cooked into the mix. It’s not every year that we get a visit of a 207-year-old pirate, so we decided to show him around Maui. Like any good host, Art Director Darris Hurst and Photographer Sean M. Hower took the skeleton–er, Capt. Cooked–all over the island to see all people, places and services that our readers think are tops.


He got his nails done. He sat down for fine dining. He got waxed. He went to the skatepark. He went lingerie shopping. He hung out at the smokeshop. He drank a smoothie. He lounged at the beach. In all, Capt. Cooked visited more than 70 locations around the island. As you can see from the photos we’ve included in the issue, he had a grand time.
Also this year we’ve added a few additional Best of Maui blurbs from our staff. These are clearly marked, so please don’t call us to complain that you didn’t get a chance to vote Best Place To Get Rid Of Your Giant TV. We’ve also added small bar graphs to end of the rest of the blurbs to show how our readers’ votes were distributed. As you’ll see, in many cases just a handful of votes decided the winner.

So without further adieu, we present our 2014 Best of Maui issue. Have fun!

Contributors: Words by Anthony Pignataro (@apignataro), Ashley Probst (@ashprobsticle), Jen Russo (@jenrusso), Lauren Hecker

Photos by: Sean M. Hower

Design by: Darris Hurst

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