Wailuku’s Requests tells MauiTime’s Anu Yagi “Be a real journalist” re: Ground Hog Day editorial

MauiTime's Anu wears Requests' "Cashaka" shirt

PORK THIS IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT a blahg post by Anu Yagi *** "Be a real journalist." That's what Requests' manager Brendan Smith told me yesterday afternoon, when I popped-in at our friendly neighborhood record shop to pick through their latest crates of old vinyl and buy a lighter to, um, light some candles. Why was Smith calling me out? Well it turns out that people actually read (?!) my article in MauiTime's foodie section last … [Read more...]

Busted! Dania Katz of Edible Hawaiian Islands says she’s addicted to MauiTime — in a good way

Dania Katz Busted! reading MauiTime

Dania Katz of Edible Hawaiian Islands (@DaniaEdibleHI) tweeted us to say that despite being under the weather -- and still in her PJs -- she hot-footed her hot pink-painted toes over to Sack 'N Save to pick up a fresh copy of MauiTime. "#addictedinagoodway," she said. Aw. We love you too, Dania. … [Read more...]

Marc of Requests Busted! at Wailuku First Friday

What planet are you from? Marklar! Sent from my iPhone Posted via email from anuyagi's posterous … [Read more...]

Adam Sandler Busted! on Maui


Yesterday in Paia Town, MauiTime art director, Chris Skiles, caught Adam Sandler reading the latest copy of "MauiTime: Animal Wrongs?"  Skiles nabbed a photo, not wanting to miss a chance to highlight Sandler in our new "busted" feature (shots taken by anyone of anyone caught reading MauiTime in public). When Sandler was busted, he was hanging out on the street, acting all low-key like a good hubby while his wife, Jackie, browsed a Paia … [Read more...]