Manao Hana Hou Radio is back on the air, but will it survive in our new digital media world?


It’s a quarter after 10 on Tuesday morning and Tony Novak-Clifford is sitting out front of a small office at Hart’s Corner in Wailuku Town smoking a cigarette. As is usually the case these days, he’s thinking about money. Novak-Clifford, a renowned local photographer, is also the general manager and program director for Manao Hana Hou Radio, Maui’s only independent, nonprofit radio station. He also does a show on Manao from 6-10am on Tuesdays, … [Read more...]

We Look At Maui Ki Akido Sensei Christopher Curtis


The only real choice that a person can make in life is to be present in the moment. That’s according to Christopher Curtis, the head instructor of Maui Ki Aikido Shunshinkan Dojo and Chief Instructor of the Hawaii Ki Federation. With all of the choices people face everyday–ranging from what to wear to whom to marry–can living in the moment truly enhance a person’s life? “We are all creatures of conditioning,” says Curtis. “We imagine that we … [Read more...]

10 Essential Books About Maui


Back in 2008, when Amazon released its then-revolutionary Kindle e-reader, Apple’s Steve Jobs predicted that it would fail because “the fact is that people don’t read anymore.” Though Jobs was soon proved wrong–indeed, Apple today sells tablets, which also function as e-readers–the numbers of Americans who don’t read books are scarcely better than they were in 2008. Back then, Jobs said “40 percent” of Americans read one book or less. A 2013 … [Read more...]

22 Vets Kill Themselves On Average Every Day. On Jan. 18, One Of Them Was My Friend Chris.


Andy Greene was in the Southern California ski resort town of Mammoth when he got the call. It was 1:30am on Saturday, Jan. 18, and the Long Beach resident was sleeping, so the call went to voicemail. After sun-up, Greene checked his phone. The message was from Chris Atencio. Greene had met Atencio more than a decade earlier while they were working as sales clerks at the North Face in nearby Orange County. In 2002, Atencio had joined the U.S. … [Read more...]

‘A Good Cop': We read disgraced former Maui cop Allison Moore’s new memoir so you wouldn’t have to


You don’t find vice cops who become addicted to methamphetamine that they steal out of police evidence and then pretend to have cancer to mask their addictions in every department. So when a publicist contacted us a few weeks ago, asking if we wanted to review Shards, a new memoir by Allison Moore–the former Maui Police Officer whose own on-the-job meth addiction really did lead her to steal from and lie to her department colleagues–we jumped at … [Read more...]

Pet Food: No one has publicly opposed a law that would ban dog meat in Hawaii. So what’s the holdup?


If you’re a dog owner and this isn’t your worst nightmare, that’s only because you haven’t considered the possibility: your pet, your beloved companion, stolen, slaughtered, cooked and eaten. Like a piece of meat. It happened on Oahu in 2007, to Frank Manuma and his wife Debbie. The couple’s dog, an eight-month-old German shepherd-Lab mix named Caddy, was stolen from the Moanalua Golf Club while Frank played a round. Eventually police arrested … [Read more...]

Here’s Why Dean Wong Of Maui’s Imua Family Services Will Never Stop Dreaming


Dean Wong is a dreamer. Not the kind who sits and ponders “what if,” the one who truly believes that a person can make his or her personal and career visions a reality. “I’ve always believed that anything you dream can be possible,” Wong says. “I’ve never not believed that the things you dream can be possible.” Wong has and continues to play many roles on Maui. He’s a father, husband and active member of the Maui community. He’s also the … [Read more...]

Talking Story with Jiva Jive about his long battle to loosen the County of Maui’s dancing restrictions


Over the last decade or so, I’ve attended more than my fair share of hearings of both the Maui County Liquor Commission and the Liquor Control Board of Adjudication. In that time, a lot of controversial issues have come up–like why the LC enforces noise regulations and punishes establishments for booking acts that use profanity onstage–but nothing seemed so senseless as its ambiguous restrictions on bars and restaurants that want to have dancing. … [Read more...]

Is The Spearpoint Trevor Carter And Bryan Axtell Found In Haleakala National Park Evidence That Pre-Contact Hawaiians Visited South America?


The story you’re about to read exists because a small, green-gold chunk of obsidian exists. And because that piece of obsidian–chipped and shaped by hands unknown into a beautiful, elegant arrowhead shape–exists, a young man Upcountry now gets nervous when the phone rings. He does so, he says, because agents with the National Park Service who work at Haleakala National Park have taken to behaving like the U.S. Government at the end of Raiders of … [Read more...]

Talking Story With Jill Engledow About Her New Novel ‘The Island Decides’ And What Maui Was Like During The Hippie Days


It’s hard to believe now, but 40-plus years ago Maui went to war over hippies. The long-haired idealists had been coming to the island since 1967 at least, but at first, locals had welcomed them. By 1970, this welcome had considerably soured. “These are parasites who deride our society, contribute nothing to it, but use the services provided by our ‘grubby’ tax dollars to further indolent, squalid existence,” The Maui News editorialized around … [Read more...]