Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Wants To ‘Destroy’ ISIL, But Not By Arming Syrian Rebels


Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard, D–Hawaii, is walking a foreign policy tightrope in regards to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The congresswoman, who's also a captain in the Hawaii National Guard and a veteran of two combat tours in the Middle East, wants very much for the U.S. to "destroy" ISIL (or as some call it, ISIS). This isn't a simple suggestion. Indeed, MSNBC just reported that U.S. military leaders are saying … [Read more...]

Hawaii General Says U.S. Marines Defending Chevron; Smedley Butler Rolls Over In His Grave


"War is just a racket." - Major General Smedley Butler, USMC, 1933 Smedley Darlington Butler is famous for two things. First, winning two–TWO!–Medals of Honor, as well as 14 other medals in his 34-year career in the Marines. Second, for loudly denouncing U.S. military policy as a mere agent of Big Business. In 1933, he laid it all out in nauseating detail: "I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. … [Read more...]

Yet Another Scientific Study Concludes Climate Change Will Significantly Alter Hawaii


I don't know why I do this. Climate Change is one of those things that I write about from time to time, but I doubt it matters much that I do so. For the majority of the world, including me, the term refers to a scientific phenomena that was started by industrialization and will bring about massive, negative consequences for the way people live. For others–mostly, those beholden to big business, the oil industry or the Republican Party–it's a … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Massive Chilean Quake May Pose Tsunami Risk To Hawaii


UPDATE, 3:40pm HST: The Maui News is reporting that disaster officials are still evaluating the tsunami threat to Hawaii and hope to announce their report by 5pm. PREVIOUS STORY: At 1:47pm Hawaii time, an 8.2 earthquake struck Chile, about 62 miles off the coast of Iquique, according to the most recent Pacific Tsunami Warning Center report available. A tsunami warning and watch immediately went into effect for the South American nations … [Read more...]

In 2014 Hawaii Senate Race, Taranis Drone Favors Hanabusa Over Schatz


The year 2013 hasn’t even ended yet and The Maui News is already piling on the tired old political cliches for the upcoming 2014 election. “Hanabusa says she has ‘good ground game’ in Senate race” stated that paper’s Dec. 29 front page story (subscription required) on current Democratic Congressional Representative Colleen Hanabusa’s bid to unseat incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Brian Schatz. In the story Hanabusa told the paper (who referred … [Read more...]

Here’s How You Can Help The Philippines In The Wake Of Typhoon Haiyan


More than 10,000 people in the Philippines are feared dead from the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. Millions more are homeless. Here's a list of a few non-governmental organizations–with brief notes on the organization taken directly from their websites–that are attempting to give aid: Oxfam "Oxfam is an international confederation of 17 organizations networked together in more than 90 … [Read more...]

New UH Manoa/Scripps Institution Study Has Bad News About The Good News Concerning Global Warming


So lately it's become fashionable in the climate change denial circles to say that global warming actually stopped a decade ago. "The global warming crowd has a problem," Gary North wrote in this July 25 post on the Libertarian blog "Global warming has disappeared. It’s missing in action. The public is cooling toward the idea that we need intervention by governments to stop global warming." In actual fact–and climate … [Read more...]

Who Wants War With Syria? @TheMauiNewsHI Does!


So today's Maui News staff editorial (subscription required)–which comes from the desk of publisher Joe Bradley–all but calls for an immediate, total assault on Syria. Using the word “monster” three times in as many column inches to describe Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s recent alleged use of chemical weapons in that country’s civil war, The Maui News said the U.S. and its allies “must act very soon to stop the slaughter and remove Assad from … [Read more...]

Hawaii Senators Hirono, Schatz Welcome Def. Sec. Hagel To Hawaii With Overused Buzzword

Hirono and Hagel

The word is "rebalance." I'm not really sure it's actually a word (outside jargon-laden military-political circles, that is), but it's apparently what's happening in U.S. strategy in the Pacific these days. Or needs to happen, I guess. I saw the word twice in two separate press releases last night concerning the same event: U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's visit yesterday to the Kaneohe Marine base on Oahu. Not surprisingly, both U.S. … [Read more...]

Hawaii Congressional Representative Tulsi Gabbard Talks Tough On North Korea Nuclear ‘Threat’


There’s nothing like a just-before-going-to-sleep screening of the 1965 Sidney Poitier/Richard Widmark film The Bedford Incident to really put your mind at ease regarding nuclear war. Oh, you haven’t seen the flick (or read the 1963 James Poe novel of the same name)? Well, it’s really just Moby Dick, except Ahab is an American guided missile destroyer captain and the whale is a Russian submarine armed with nuclear torpedoes. For those who wonder … [Read more...]