Kula Kid Does Detroit: Or, what happened when MauiTime won it’s first AAN editorial award

MauiTime cover Volume 16, Issue 03

by Anu Yagi "I'VE GOT A GOOD FEELING IN A BAD CITY TONIGHT." – Rancid, "Detroit" (eponymous debut; 1993) Oh, Detroit. A place that demands you feel it. It’s got smooth, cool hands and hot nasty parts that’ll make you blush in bad ways; make you cry for more, too. It’s home to a people who say, “Look, this is who I am; we are.” And in so doing—at least for the tourist like me—challenges you to show something of yourself in turn. That … [Read more...]

Kula Kid #60: “The Meaning of Hawaiian, Part 2″


“The Meaning of Hawaiian, Part 2” [MauiTime, -- September 22, 2011 -- Volume 15; Issue 14] by Anu Yagi (@anuheayagi on Twitter) “Behold, the Promised Land / Within the living man / Heaven is in your hearts / Love is within your hands..." -- Dubkonscious, At the Foot of the Mountain (2011) Our slice of the Earth has plunged into the belly of night; and if the compound deadline were at all literal, I’m but bones, nails and hair six feet … [Read more...]

REQUIEM FOR A STREAM: Controversy in Waihe’e Valley Runs As Deep As Its Storied Waters–And Deepens Still As A New Razor Wire Gate Denies All Entry To The Famed ‘Swinging Bridges’ Area

Photo by Anu Yagi for MauiTime; Volume 15, Issue 14. Taken in Waihe'e, Maui, Hawai'i. (41)

[Image: Waihe'e area marked in red. Maui County (lower, B&W) + Hawaiian archipelago (top, color; L-R) Ni'ihau, beige (Kaua'i County); Kaua'i, beige (Kaua'i County); 'Oahu (City & County of Honolulu), beige; Moloka'i (Kalawao County + Maui County) , orange; Lana'i (Maui County), orange; Maui (Maui County), orange; Kaho'olawe (Maui County), orange; Hawai'i Island (i.e. Big Island; Hawai'i County), beige. Sources: … [Read more...]

Kula Kid #53: “Responsibility Matters”


“Responsibility Matters” [MauiTime, -- July 28, 2011 -- Volume 15; Issue 06] by Anu Yagi (@anuheayagi on Twitter) "[T]here are some things that can beat smartness and foresight. Awkwardness and stupidity can. The best swordsman in the world doesn’t need to fear the second best swordsman in the world; no, the person for him to be afraid of is some ignorant antagonist who has never had a sword in his hand before; he doesn’t do the thing he ought … [Read more...]

Kula Kid #51: “Dead Heads”

Job's Tears_'Iao Valley_Maui_Hawaii_by Anu Yagi

“Dead Heads” [MauiTime, -- July 14, 2011 -- Volume 15; Issue 04] by Anu Yagi (@anuheayagi on Twitter) *** So I’m in Africa. Though I’m just an obscure third party to a band of so-called explorers, I’m still a little sour about being abandoned -- but only for principle’s sake. Frankly, The Natives I’ve been left with are uber nice and make a mean chikwanga (kind of like laulau), never mind the fact that The Asshole heading our expedition was … [Read more...]

Kula Kid #50: “Strangers With Candy”

Kula Kid 50_Strangers with Candy_Photo via Anu Yagi_6

“Strangers With Candy” [MauiTime, -- July 7, 2011 -- Volume 15; Issue 03] by Anu Yagi (@anuheayagi on Twitter) *** “I catch a paper boy / But things don’t really change / I’m standing in the wind / But I never wave bye bye / But I try / I try... / Modern love gets me to the church on time / Terrifies me / Makes me party / Puts my trust in god and man” — David Bowie I miss my long-lost sister’s nuptials by 15 minutes, but come hell or high … [Read more...]

Kula Kid #48: “The Tweet Generation” (Gazing at Garrett Hedlund)

(Photo by Paul Janes-Brown for Maui Weekly) Anuhea Yagi of MauiTime interviews Garrett Hedlund at 2011 Maui Film Festival

“The Tweet Generation” [MauiTime, -- June 23, 2011 -- Volume 15; Issue 01] by Anu Yagi (@anuheayagi on Twitter) *** “Lost now on the country miles in his Cadillac / I can tell by the way you smile he is rolling back / Come wash the nighttime clean / Come grow the scorched ground green” -- The Grateful Dead, “Cassidy” I first meet Garrett on an astroturf lawn; the posh sort that only divulges its costly counterfeit by being too perfect. … [Read more...]

Kula Kid #47: “I’m A Big Kid Now (Kind Of)”

Team Jacob

"I'm A Big Kid Now (Kind Of)" [MauiTime, -- June 16, 2011 -- Volume 14; Issue 52] by Anu Yagi (@anuheayagi on Twitter) *** How should I know what blooms outside the beer garden? There might once have been a time when I knew, but that was many Blue Moons ago. Because from the moment I plant a kiss on the lip of a glass, I’m locked in until the world spins. At the last few outdoor MACC shows—most recently Sunday’s Republik Music … [Read more...]

Kula Kid #45: “Uneasy Rider”

Kahikinui, Maui. Photo by Anu Yagi for MauiTime

“Uneasy Rider” [MauiTime, -- June 2, 2011 -- Volume 14; Issue 50] by Anu Yagi (@anuheayagi on Twitter) *** “I don't want a pickle / I just want to ride my motorcycle." -- Arlo Guthrie, "The Motorcycle Song (Significance of the Pickle)" If it wasn’t already official, it is now: I’m a bitch. And, apparently, a “phenomenal” one. I’m sure my friend Chuck Light—who on Memorial Day took me on my first-ever motorcycle ride—was just being … [Read more...]

Kula Kid #44: “Kingdom Come”

Camping vs. Cryptkeeper

"Kingdom Come" [MauiTime, -- May 26, 2011 -- Volume 14; Issue 49] by Anu Yagi (@anuheayagi on Twitter) *** “False prophets will rise and show signs of wonders to deceive... / Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is." – Mark 13:22-33 It’s Friday night in Hawaii, well past doomsday in Kiribati (i.e. the island nation that's easternmost edge nudges the International Date Line). The pious members of my ‘ohana are not … [Read more...]