Nooo! Climate Change Might Ruin Future Hawaiian Vacations!


Every few months, it seems, some University of Hawaii scientist puts out a new report giving us more bad news about climate change. In October 2012, four UH researchers published a report saying the trade winds that make life so pleasant–and possible–in Hawaii are steadily decreasing. Four months later, UH researchers published a study showing that climate change would most likely doom the Haleakala Silversword. Then in August 2013, UH climate … [Read more...]

Quizunderstood: Testing Your Knowledge Of Old Maui High Upkeep


1. Last week the County of Maui announced that it’s looking for proposals to repurpose Old Maui High School. The Friends of Old Maui High School currently take care of the campus, which is over a century old, using money from a county Office of Economic Development grant. How much is that grant each year? A. $100,000 B. $90,000 C. $80,000 D. $70,000 E. $60,000   2. On Aug. 21, the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii hosted the … [Read more...]

Pailolo Challenge Canoe Race Set For September


The Hawaii Canoe Club will mark the culmination of another season on Sept. 13 by hosting the Pailolo Challenge, a 26-mile downwind outrigger canoe race from Maui's D.T. Fleming Beach in Kapalua to Kaunakakai Pier on Molokai. The Maui to Molokai race is considered a prime training run for crews preparing for the world championship of outrigger canoe racing—the men’s and women’s Ka‘iwi channel races, which are scheduled for mid-October. HCC … [Read more...]

This Thursday, Aug. 28: Pau Hana On Greening Maui’s Commercial Buildings


Opportunities to make commercial buildings more environmentally friendly will be the focus of an Aug. 28 pau hana at the University of Hawaii Maui College. The event, hosted by UHMC's Sustainable Living Institute, will feature Green Building Hawaii's John Bendon and Alex de Roode, who are recognized throughout the state as consultants for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects. They will discuss several topics including … [Read more...]

Maui County Cultural Resources Commission May Soon Decide New Lahaina Town Sign Guidelines


Because the County of Maui considers much of Lahaina Town to be an "historic district," there are a ton of rules and regulations governing various design elements beyond that found in standard commercial areas. Chief among these are the guidelines governing the design and placement of signs. "Historically, signs in Lahaina have been simple designs fabricated with traditional materials," states the county's Sign Design Guidelines for Lahaina … [Read more...]

ACLU Hawaii Sues State Of Hawaii Over Special Puna Election


When I was talking with political analysts immediately following the Aug. 9 Hawaii Primary Election, I kept hearing the same thing: the situation down in Puna on the Big Island was a mess and it would be weeks before we got closure on the very tight U.S. Senate race, which they day after the election was separated by a mere 1,600 or so votes. This was because state law gave the Office of Elections three weeks to get things organized. But … [Read more...]

Maui Chamber Of Commerce Backs Duke Aiona For Hawaii Governor


Just as they did four years ago, the Maui Chamber of Commerce has backed former Republican Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona for Hawaii Governor, according to an Aug. 22 Chamber news release. While the Chamber hasn't yet released its report explaining why it's backing Aiona (or anyone else, for that matter), Chamber President Pamela Tumpap gushed over Aiona four years ago in this Oct. 7, 2010 Hawaii Free Press post: "We appreciate Duke Aiona’s strong … [Read more...]

Quizunderstood: Who Wants To Be Maui Police Chief?


1. On Aug. 18, The Maui News reported that “nearly 20 people” had applied to be the new Maui Police Chief, though the newspaper said it could only confirm eight names. Which of the following was NOT among those eight the paper said want to be the next Maui Chief? A. Deputy Chief Clayton Tom B. Captain Charles Hirata (retired) C. Lieutenant Bobby Hill (retired) D. Mary Wagner (County of Maui business community plan manager) E. Lieutenant … [Read more...]

Talking Story With Maui Roller Girls Founding Member Sarah ‘Sassin’ Gray


The Maui Roller Girls have been around since 2008. Part of the resurgence of roller derby in the US over the last decade, the MRG were basically just a scrappy collection of women who somehow fit roller skating and derby practice into their work and family lives when they first started. But over and over, the five girls they’d put on the track (one jammer, who scores points by lapping the other team, and four other team members who block or in … [Read more...]

Royal Lahaina Tennis Club Seeks Funds For Nationals

jtt tennis team 2014

The Royal Lahaina Tennis Club's Junior Team is seeking funds to help the team compete in the National Championships, which are being held Oct. 16-19 in South Carolina. The Club recently won the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Junior Team Tennis Spring Section Championship for its 14 years of age and under 3.0 Division. This is the second consecutive year the Club qualified to compete in the National Championships. “Going to the … [Read more...]