QuizUnderstood: How Well Do Know Linda Lingle’s Current Employer?


1. According to an Oct. 24 Maui News story, all of the following staffers and assistants to Maui Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa make at least $67,000 a year except one–and that one makes just a little over $49,000 per year. Which one makes the lower salary figure? A. Executive Assistant Mike Molina B. Executive Assistant Randy Piltz C. Communications Director Rod Antone D. Administrative Assistant Joe Pontanilla E. Administrative Assistant Bill … [Read more...]

Don’t Know How To Vote In The Upcoming Election? We Can Help!


Oh, joy, it’s time for another General Election. In Hawaii, this is a special kind of treat. Voters only got to see a new campaign finance report this week, after what seemed like months of candidate and political action committee (PAC) spending and fund-raising without any reporting whatsoever. Voters also have to contend with a bunch of state constitutional amendments and even a few Maui County charter amendments–one of which is by far so … [Read more...]

The Initiative: Trying to understand Maui County’s GMO Ballot Measure


In the Haiku autumn dusk, a circle of farmers hand in hand stands to give thanks for the earth, food and the breath of life. In the sacred scene before a potluck of hand-grown and handmade foods, there are many hands, 120 heads, and waiting plates. At this September meeting of Maui Farmers United (a chapter of the National Farmers Union), local farmers gathered to discuss topics like photosynthesis, our relationship to the sun, recipes and soil. … [Read more...]

Monsanto Election Spending Is Out Of Control But We’re Still Saying To Vote No On The Maui County GMO Initiative


So by now most everyone on the island knows that Monsanto–a giant corporation that says it cares about feeding the world but is far more concerned about profits and market share–has spent more than $6 million to try to defeat the upcoming Maui County ballot measure that would slap a "moratorium" on all genetically modified crops. Together with Dow, their "Citizens Against The Maui County Farming Ban" has spent nearly $8 million against the … [Read more...]

UH Maui College Office Offering Free Copies Of College Guide For Adults


When we think of people trying to determine what college program will meet their scholastic needs, images of high school students pouring over a pile of university information packets come to mind. However, in light of the economic environment that exists today, many adults are in the same boat – wondering if the time has come to re-examine the possibility of pursing a college education. For Maui County adults interested in moving their career … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Say Goodbye To Venerable Old Maui Weekly


Today, Maui Now reported that Hawaii Publications, Inc. has closed the venerable old Maui Weekly. Published in various forms and and under different names (and owners) since 1986, the Weekly ceased publication on Monday, Oct. 27. "The Maui Weekly newspaper published it’s [sic] last issue on Monday, Oct. 27, 2014, and it’s [sic] online version is no longer accessible via the internet," Maui Now reported. A former writer for the paper disputes … [Read more...]

Big Kaanapali Beach Restoration Takes Small Step Forward


Way back in 1964, when the Ka‘anapali Resort was still in its infancy, its owner American Factors paid for a 19-minute promotional film to bring rich tourists to Maui (click here to watch it on Youtube). Titled Kaanapali, the film called the area a “Polynesian Riviera” and didn’t undersell the importance of the resort’s expansive beach. “Ka‘anapali’s pride is three miles of golden sand,” the film stated. “The most beautiful beach in the world… … [Read more...]

Damn, Hawaii Carpenters STILL Hate Maui Councilmember Elle Cochran

Hi Res  Color  Cochran

We finally got some new numbers out of the state Campaign Spending Commission this week–the first time since the Primary Election, in fact. Because really, during the final two and a half months of an election, do voters really need to see what various candidates and Political Action Committees (PACs) are spending and collecting? Anyway, the new reports came out on Oct. 27. As I expected, one of the most interesting filings came from the … [Read more...]

Two Maui Residents To Appear On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’


Next month, two Haiku residents will appear on the game show Wheel of Fortune. Claire Bediamol and Kelly Lau will appear on the episode, which is part of a special series on best friends. The episode will air at 6:30pm on Thursday, Nov. 13 on KHON 2. "It was an amazing experience, really fun," said Bediamol. "It was probably the most fun I've ever had." Bediamol is a counselor at Kalama Intermediate School. Her friend Lau is a buyer for … [Read more...]

Quizunderstood: How well do you know W.S. Merwin’s palms?


1. In September 2013, Molokai’s unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted) was 10.8 percent. According to an Oct. 20, 2014 news release from the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, what was Molokai’s unemployment rate in September of this year? A. 11.6 percent B. 12.6 percent C. 13.6 percent D. 14.6 percent E. 15.6 percent 2. According to a survey written about in the Oct. 20 Maui News, how many feral cats are estimated … [Read more...]