Top Ten Bridal Beauty Essentials: Get them at Cos Bar Maui

Your bridal beauty plan is easy breezy with our Top Ten list of must-have beauty products, which come courtesy of Katie Matthews at Wailea's Cos Bar. At Cos Bar, you can try out the trusted and true brands that you can't find elsewhere on island weeks before your big day. Their make-up stylists can assist in your perfect look, and they welcome any magazine tear sheets, iPhone photos or other notes you might have. If you want them on location at … [Read more...]

Create your dream menu at your wedding: How to with Chef Travis Morrin, Three’s Catering

Sure, you want to feed your guests the most amazing spread Maui has to offer. This sounds daunting, but it might be easier than you think. We asked Chef Travis Morrin of Three's Catering how you can have your coconut shrimp and eat them, too, at your reception. You might be surprised at his answers which include a sample menu, wedding planner advice and rolling up in a food truck. MAUITIME: Tell us five things we don't know about planning food … [Read more...]

Flower Power: The Key to your Bouquet

Some wedding traditions are newer than you think. For instance, diamond wedding rings are a 20th century thing. But wedding bouquets aren't new. In fact, clutching bound bunches of dill and garlic were thought to protect brides from the plague many centuries ago. All photos Courtesy of Sean Hower, Want More Maui Wedding Guide? Click Here Since the era of inoculations, brides have been toting more aromatic displays of … [Read more...]

Hey Mr. DJ can you play my Maui Wedding?

You want music at your wedding, but for obvious reasons, you don't just want to hook up your favorite iPod mix. Hiring a DJ means your reception dance will go off without a hitch, and your Uncle Buck won't have to stand in as your emcee either. Meet with your DJ to decide on a playlist and the details. Your DJ can also provide the sound system and visual entertainment to go along with the tunes. We asked a few Maui DJs for their insight on … [Read more...]

Maui’s Newest Wedding Resource: Hitched on Maui

New technology launches on Maui are exciting, and the development of the iPhone and iPad app Hitched on Maui is no exception. Scott Johnson of Dogtown Design (a former MauiTime art director), and Sean M. Hower of Hower Photos (who currently takes photos for MauiTime) decided to create a resource guide for weddings on Maui like no other. Looking it over, one of the first things that struck me was how much information they packed into their … [Read more...]

Cinderella’s Wedding Slipper: Teri Edmonds Bride Footwear Style Guide

If Cinderella were planning her own wedding, Teri Edmonds would be her shoe advisor. Only Teri would know how to make a glass slipper. The lady behind Wailuku's If the Shoe Fits and Maui Shoe Academy is also the island's self-proclaimed Shoe Queen. She's been hand-crafting shoes at her studio for seven years, as well as hand-dying, repairing and customizing footwear. She also carries a line of formal footwear for proms, weddings and gala events … [Read more...]

MauiTime Wedding Guide : Coordinating your Maui Nuptials

There might be something to that age old romantic tale of love on a secluded island. While Maui is no long considered secluded, romantic tales of love and union come true on a near-daily basis. The island is highly regarded when it comes to wedded bliss–in fact, there are many couples around world who've long dreamed of holding their nuptials on the island. In this year's annual Wedding Guide, we asked some of the island's wedding experts for … [Read more...]

Maui Time Annual Wedding Issue 2013

Photo by Sean M. Hower  Cover Design: Darris Hurst, MauiTime Maui is one of the most sought-after wedding locations in the world. This is quite possibly because Maui is also one of the planet’s most romantic locations. The beautiful valley isle adds rainbows and sunsets to blushing brides nearly every day of the year. That all comes with the territory, but you still have to plan your big day. Where do you find a dress? How about a venue? … [Read more...]

Maui Time Annual Wedding Issue 2013 James and Brittany

Photo by Sean M. Hower James and Brittany The Plantation Home, Lahaina Aug. 2, 2012 It was love at first sight when Brittany and James met. It was also their first day of college at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Photo by Sean M. Hower "We were being introduced to lots of people on that day," says Brittany. "Right away we had a connection." They dated for about eight and a half years before James got down on one knee. … [Read more...]

Maui Time Annual Wedding Issue 2013 Will and Jane

Photo by Sean M. Hower Will and Jane Westin Ka‘anapali Ocean Resort Villas Aug. 27, 2012 The pediatric ICU is not the most romantic place in the world but that’s where sparks flew for pediatric resident Jane and pediatric neurosurgeon intern William. Their physician's studies and practice barely left time for romance but they certainly did not let that stand in their way. Photo by Sean M. Hower While working at the hospital over … [Read more...]