The Sacred Moment: On The Wonders Of Yoga Breath

You've probably heard the term "take a deep breath" many times, often during a time when you’re losing your mind, super-frustrated or just need to calm down. Yoga practice also calls upon conscious breathing skills, as do lots of other fitness training, martial arts and anger management. How does taking a breath affect the body? You breathe in and out all day without giving it any thought–so why should we pay attention to the way we suck in … [Read more...]

Mother Nature Meets The Federal Government: Exploring how the Affordable Care Act affects Naturopathic Doctors

Most people probably don’t realize that the federal Affordable Healthcare Act (HR3590) includes provisions preventing discrimination of alternative medicine. This could have a big affect on the Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) on Maui. "That will be the largest single event to impact our profession in years,” says Lorilee Schoenbeck–a board member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)–in an article published by Bastyr … [Read more...]

Blowing Up The Bliss Bubble: Maui’s Transformational Festivals

Whether the transformational festival was reborn from the need for artists to express themselves, musicians looking for a new way to perform or simply the passions of body and movement enthusiasts, it  doesn't really matter. They’ve evolved into their own. Perhaps their roots lie in hippie festivals of the 1970s or the underground rave festivals of a decade ago. But the well-established global circuit of postmodern transformational festivals now … [Read more...]

Fitness Forever: Words of wisdom from four Maui Trainers

CLAUDIA MICCO The Ritz Carlton Kapalua I coordinate the group fitness department and perform massage therapy at The Ritz Carlton Kapalua, Waihua Spa and Fitness Center. I teach Hybrid Fitness, Pilates, yoga, taiji and strength training classes and privates. Visualization 101 Step 1: Put it on your calendar; schedule it into your day literally. Step 2: Get a friend or partner to workout with. Step 3: Visualize it! Take five … [Read more...]

Ritz Carlton Wellness Week: Yogafit, Taiji and Nutrition at E Malama Kou Kino

There's a dirty underbelly to the foodie revolution, and it boils down to the waistline. Even with all the great farm-to-table eats, the move to slow food from fast food isn’t necessarily tipping the scale in the right direction. Finding balance calls for moderation and exercise but in our culture of burning the candle at both ends, there seems to be little time and even less knowledge about caring for your mind, body and spirit. Thankfully, the … [Read more...]

Maui Time Annual Mind Body Spirit 2013 Makai Ritual at the Ocean Side Cabanas at The Spa at Manele Bay

Makai Ritual at the Ocean Side Cabanas The Spa at Manele Bay 1 Manele Bay Rd., Lanai City 808-565-2088 100 minutes: $345 Kama'aina: 15 percent off services and retail Veljko Savic is a native of Serbia. He probably never guessed that he would end up as a spa manager on the island of Lanai, but with a decade in the health and wellness industry and a background in physiotherapy, he’s more than qualified to … [Read more...]

Maui Time Annual Mind Body Spirit 2013 Botinal Anti-Aging Facial

  Photo by Sean Micheal Hower   Botinal Anti-Aging Facial Emily Grace Esthetics (By appointment only) 810 Kokomo Rd., Haiku 808-575-2222 75 minutes: $120 Emily Grace runs her boutique day spa from a quiet, second level space in the Haiku Town Center. Inside, you’re enveloped in a cool, calm world. Her reputation as a professional waxer precedes her–which she says it keeps her very busy–but the … [Read more...]

Maui Time Annual Mind Body Spirit 2013 Health Span Over Life Span

We all want to be healthier, but it often seems like doing so robs us of personal entertainment and indulgent consumption. After adhering to a life of austerity for a few days, we break our new year’s resolutions and go on, living and eating and not exercising as before. Modern technology, conveniences and lifestyles means we’re living longer lives, but not necessarily healthier lives. Or put another way, what’s the use of making it to 80 if … [Read more...]

Maui Time Annual Mind Body Spirit 2013 Couple Wabi Sabi

Couples Wabi Sabi Maui Zen Wailea Gateway Center 808-874-6000 90 minutes: $140 Collagen Microcurrent Facial for 75 minutes: $135 Maui Zen has imported their Westside style of day spa to Wailea to a brand new, gorgeous second floor space at the Wailea Gateway. They bring their affordable luxury to the scene–quality therapies at a price point much lower than the larger resort spas. They have a spacious, ocean view couples treatment room … [Read more...]

Maui Time Annual Mind Body Spirit 2013 Danceology

Dancing is hardly new, but how you approach it as a fitness form or an emotional stimulation could be. Lisa Evans discovered beach dance almost by accident in Oregon partly with the help of MP3 technology and Apple marketing. “I'd been running and dancing on the beach by myself for a few years with different musical devices,” says Evans. “First with a Walkman, then a Discman and then an MP3 player. With the MP3 player, I was able to dance … [Read more...]