HPR Worried About Future Of Hawaii’s Addiction To Military Spending

P-26s and B-18s

As you can see from the above photo, which was taken at Hickam Field (now known as Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam) on Oahu in 1940, the U.S. military has maintained  a large presence in Hawaii for a long time. In fact, since the U.S. annexed the islands in 1898 (the U.S. Navy's wanted Pearl Harbor for a coaling base). It's funny, really: the U.S. military began its time in Hawaii as a force of occupation, and has since evolved into a massive … [Read more...]

More Than A Dozen Hawaii Officials Have Resigned Rather Than Disclose Their Financial Interests


So far, 14 members of state boards and commissions have resigned their posts rather than allow their Financial Disclosure Statements to become public, Honolulu Civil Beat reported today. So many have bailed, in fact, that Civil Beat reports the state Land Use Commission can no longer convene a quorum, meaning it's business has effectively stopped until new appointees (who, hopefully, believe in government transparency) can take over. Who these … [Read more...]

RIGHT NOW: Gov. Neil Abercrombie To Sign Good Juvenile Justice Bill


It's happening over on Oahu, but we thought you should know: at 1pm this afternoon in the Executive Office's Ceremonial Room, Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie is scheduled to sign HB 2116. This is a good bill. It prohibits giving juvenile offenders life sentences without the possibility of parole. While we don't believe that there are currently juveniles currently serving life sentences without parole here, until Abercrombie signs this bill it … [Read more...]

NOAA: ‘Opihi Could Be Saving Itself From Climate Change


With political candidates like Mufi Hannemann vowing to bring about inter-island high-speed ferry service should he get elected governor, it's fashionable to look back at the opposition to the Hawaii Superferry five or six years ago and deride it as nothing more than a bunch of pesky environmentalists. In fact, a lot of local residents on Maui opposed the auto ferry for reasons that had nothing to do with whether there had been enough … [Read more...]

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie Kicks And Screams As He Lets Financial Disclosure Bill Become Law


So yesterday Governor Neil Abercrombie announced that he was rescinding his earlier intention to veto SB 2682–which adds to the list of public officials whose Financial Disclosure Statements are considered public documents–and will let the bill become law without his signature (the bill unaminously passed the Legislature). Abercrombie had earlier told Honolulu Civil Beat that the disclosure of those forms would be detrimental to women, but this … [Read more...]

Looking At The Numbers: Hawaii Political Candidate Filing Fees


An interesting footnote to the Great Neldon Mamuad Abortive Mayoral Candidacy Trial Thing that happened this week in Judge Peter Cahill's Second Circuit Courtroom concerns political candidate filing fees in the State of Hawaii. Yes, filing fees. During the two-day hearing, Cahill said that he had to familiarize himself with both election law and the process of holding elections. And during that research, Cahill told the court on the last day … [Read more...]

Hawaii DLNR First Deputy Jesse Souki Would Really Like His 3-Hole Punch Back


You heard me right, whoever took state Department of Land and Natural Resources First Deputy Jesse K. Souki's three-hole punch. It was sitting on Arnel's side table. Anyway, his secretary would like it back. I know this because for some reason his office put me (or rather, my predecessor Jacob Shafer–who left Hawaii three years ago and who I doubt had either motive or opportunity to snag anything from Souki's office) on the distribution list … [Read more...]

Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa Endorses Mufi Hannemann For Hawaii Governor


There are a dozen people running for Hawaii Governor this year (including Democrat Neil Abercrombie, who despite low poll numbers apparently would like a second term), but Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa has apparently already chosen his favorite: former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann. “I know in my heart of hearts that Mufi Hannemann is the best administrator," Arakawa said in a June 13 press release from Hannemann's campaign. "He is very … [Read more...]

The Evil Of Three Lessers: The 2014 Hawaii Governors’ Race


The state Office of Elections' list of candidates for the 2014 election lists 12 individuals running for governor. Looking over the names, we find three Democrats, two Republicans, one Libertarian, one Indpendent and four Non-Partisans. Ten of them hail from Oahu, and the remaining two list Hawaii Island as their home. The first to file was Khis Dejean Caldwell, a non-partisan in Honolulu, way back on Feb. 7, just four days after the filing … [Read more...]

New Book ‘Sovereign Sugar’ Documents Sugar Industry Impacts On Hawaii


You guys still read books, right? I hope so, because University of Hawaii Press has just released one that has a great deal of importance to everyone who lives on and visits Maui. Written by anthropologist Carol A. MacLennan, Sovereign Sugar describes in fresh detail all the might sugar plantations' environmental and socio-economic impacts on Hawaii over the last century. Ah, sugar. Given the importance the industry had on the development of … [Read more...]