Eh Lazy Litter Bugs!


Eh you there, dropping your cigarette butts, cheap bear cans, bottle caps, soda bottles, cups, old slippahs, worn down shoes, tents, BVDs, bras, diapers, appliances, couches, toxic waste and all kine pilau stuffs on our ‘aina: Wise up! How would you like it if I came and dumped all my rubbish on your front yard or in your bedroom? I don’t care if you’re one dummy malahini from da Mainland or a local, I’m tired of picking up your trash and dealing with your stink. Do the right thing, stop being lazy and pack up your mess. And don’t leave it for somebody else for clean up. How would you like it if we pooped in your lunch bucket? The ‘aina is sacred and deserves everyone’s respect.

Illustration by Ron Pitts