Candidate! Mufi Hannemann, Democrat Running for US Congress, 2nd District


Running for: US Congress (Hawaii’s 2nd District), Democratic nomination

Running against: Rafael Del Castillo, Tulsi Gabbard, Esther Kia‘aina, Bob Marx, Miles Shiratori

Birthplace: Kalihi, Hawaii

Pre-politics profession: VP for Corporate Marketing and Public Affairs, C. Brewer & Co.

Electoral Win/Loss Record: 4/4

First electoral victory: Honolulu City Council, 1994

Supports: Lowering interest rates on school loans, more tax credits for families paying school expenses, increasing tourism to Hawaii by all possible means, Honolulu light rail

Opposes: Gay marriage, abortion

Gets campaign donations from: Realtors, construction firms, the tourism industry, retired folks, business and labor political action committees

Hannemann is one big braddah: he stands six-foot-seven, which means he can walk from Honolulu to Washington, DC in about three steps. No joke–since the 1970s, Hannemann has held jobs in the administrations of Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Mufi’s racked up more political and government experience than all his opponents put together, and the local Maui establishment–in the form of current Mayor Alan Arakawa and former mayors Charmaine Tavares and James “Kimo” Apana–all lined up to endorse him. Hannemann also writes a column boosting Hawaii tourism for Midweek, though its convoluted prose (eg, “Sustainable tourism also is indeed a balance of preserving our cultural roots while at the same time encouraging our own contemporary cultural fusion to evolve”–May 16, 2012) makes it about as fun to read as junior high English homework.

Photo Courtesy Mufi Hannemann’s Campaign Facebook page