County of Maui Calling For RFP’s To Divide Up Old Wailuku Main Street Association Grant Money

Now that the County of Maui isn’t spending nearly a quarter million dollars every year on the Wailuku Main Street Association (WMSA), which is under investigation by the state Attorney General’s office for mismanagement, it’s now able to offer that money to organizations island-wide.

On Nov. 23, the county sent out a press release advertising a Request for Proposals for $243,000 (the same amount as the old WMSA grant) worth of grant money for projects that would “directly benefit” Haiku, Hana, Kaunakakai, Keokea-Waiakoa, Lahaina, Lanai City, Makawao, Paia, Waihee, Waikapu and Wailuku.

According to the press release,

projects would have to meet several criteria:  direct benefit to the town, collaboration and community engagement, accountability of the applicant, project “ripeness,” proposed budget, manageable term and scope, and outreach.

Because this is the first year of this program, and because the Department wants to be able to equally award grants for projects in every town, then each town’s award would be approximately $22,000.  This is the amount that proposals should consider.  The Department will receive proposals through December 2012 and will make its first round of awards in early 2013, with each town receiving one grant.  From January through March of 2013, proposals will continue to be accepted; those towns that did not receive an award in the first round will receive top consideration for awards during the second round.  From March through June 2013, any remaining funds will be used for awards for any town.

See? WMSA may have imploded, but that doesn’t mean Maui County’s small towns need to.

Those wishing to apply for a grant can click here.

Photo of Makawao Town: Wikimedia Commons