Is An Apple Store Coming Soon To Pukalani (or Makawao)?


That’s the question posed by today’s Honolulu Star-Advertiser (subscription required–and thanks to Spirituality and Health managing editor Ilima Loomis for sharing the story on Facebook and thus alerting me to it). The Apple store speculation actually plays just a small portion of Erika Engle’s TheBuzz column. Specifically, Engle reports that “An online job search by a friend of the Star-Advertiser revealed potential hiring locations in Aiea, on Oahu, and Pukalani, on Maui.”

If you’re like the rest of us, your reaction is probably something along the lines of “Apple? On Maui? In Pukalani?!”

Typically, Apple retail stores resemble a cross between Radio Shack and the bridge of the starship Enterprise–not exactly the look usually found in country Pukalani (though a Fatburger did recently open up in the Pukalani Terrace Center, so you never can tell).

But sure enough, if you go to Apple’s homepage, and then click through to their job openings, and then narrow the location search filters to Hawaii (or just click here), you’ll see that Apple has indeed created a location filter for Pukalani (and if you check that box, a new one for Makawao opens up).

And that’s it. Clicking on Pukalani (or Aiea, for that matter), reveals no actual job openings. Engle also couldn’t get any meaningful comment from an Apple spokesperson on whether the company plans to do anything other than add the location terms “Pukalani” and “Makawao” to their job search engine.

There are, of course, two current Apple stores in Honolulu, which do seem to be hiring.

Photo of Apple Store in Bath, England: Rwendland/Wikimedia Commons