Shawn Michael Promoted To Akaku’s Director of Programming

Maui’s Akaku, the local public access television station (and one-stop channel for midnight conspiracy rants, church service recordings, County Council meetings, freestyle rapping and more), has a new Director of Programming. Shawn Michael has assumed the position as the most senior employee on staff. He has been with Akaku since 2002 and most recently worked as a programmer, creating schedules and maintaining the broadcast library.

“I see Akaku’s mission to ʻempower the community’s voice through access to mediaʻ as the first and foremost mission we have as a non-profit,” Michael said in a Jan. 16 press release. As the new Director of Programming, he said he plans to make enhancements to the visual presence of Akaku’s channels and expand the organization’s mission to empower community voices to include recent communication and media advents including Twitter, Facebook, blogs, pictures and Instagram.

“I feel that even somebody’s Tweet, Facebook status or uploaded picture is a form of free speech that Akaku should help to facilitate in its effort to reach to the entire community,” said Michael.

Michael also plans to introduce dynamic ways to incorporate the community’s voice through Social Network TV, while having as much real-time content broadcast on the channel as possible. This will empower the community to broadcast and control images and messages on a screen without the sometimes extensive need of “creating a video.”

“I humbly take over the reins and continue in the spirit of former Director of Programming, Pete Sullivan, who has set in motion with his technical know-how and fair and equal across the board approach to everyone,” he said. “Akaku is that unique blazing star that Maui County’s community would be at a loss and lesser without.”