State of Hawaii’s New Smartphone App Provides Charging Station Locations to Electric Vehicle Drivers


Apple and Android users can now download the State of Hawaii’s new EV Stations Hawaii app for free on their mobile devices. The app is a great resource for electric vehicle drivers, providing them with charging stations locations, driving directions to the stations, charge level information and charge fees.

“The EV Stations Hawaii app is a great example of our state using new technology to advance the widespread use of electric vehicles in Hawaii,” said Governor Neil Abercrombie in a July 12 press release. “Convenience is key to further the adoption of EVs, which are part of Hawaii’s clean transportation future and move us toward reducing our dependency on imported oil.”

Like the GasBuddy or Gas Guru apps that find gas stations, EV Stations Hawaii app users can search for charging station across the whole state or for the nearest one to their location. The app seeks to provide electric vehicle drivers with complete and accurate information they can rely on when driving to any destination, so running out of juice is never a concern.

The State Energy Office’s database of public EV charging stations is also available online at If an existing charging station is not listed, its property owner or manager can complete the form found on this site to add their charging station details to the database.

The EV Stations Hawaii app is the result of a partnership between the Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism, Hawaii Information Consortium and Honolulu Clean Cities and is part of the state Office of Information Management and Technology’s open data movement.

Photo: Traderd/Wikimedia Commons