This Monday, July 29: Maui County Council Committee To Start Investigating Demolition Of Old Wailuku Post Office


On Monday, July 29, the Maui County Council Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee (which is made up of the Maui County Council) will start their official investigation of Mayor Alan Arakawa’s decision to demolish the old Wailuku Post Office, according to the just-posted meeting agenda (which you can read here).

What exactly the committee will do during the hearing is hard to say at this point. The agenda’s kinda vague on that:

“The Committee may consider its options for initiating an independent financial or performance audit, and establish procedures and guidelines for the Committee’s investigation. The Committee may also consider the filing of the Miscellaneous Communication and other related action.”

For background on the controversy over the demolition (the site is now a “temporary” parking lot), click here for our June 27 story on the two years of meetings and consultations between Arakawa’s office and the County Council that proceeded the Post Office’s demolition.