This Wednesday, May 29: “Conversation on Climate Change” In Waikapu

The Earth’s atmospheric CO2 levels passed 400 parts per million (ppm) this month, and in doing so reached what is thought to be the highest CO2 concentration in the three million years—but what does that mean for us here on Maui? “Conversation on Climate Change,” an event hosted by Organizing for Action (OFA) on Wednesday, May 29 in Waikapu, hopes to address that question.

The event will call attention to the urgency of climate change and the need to confront it through new energy policies. Attendees will have the opportunity to write to Hawaii’s members of Congress.

“Congresswoman [Tulsi] Gabbard is showing leadership on climate change,” stated a May 23 OFA news release. “She has joined the Safe Climate Caucus in the House. Senators [Mazie] Hirono and [Brian] Schatz need to hear support from their constituents to be on the front lines of the fight for action on climate change.”

Pacific Whale Foundation Conservation Director Lauren Campbell is scheduled to speak. She’ll talk about her work studying the impacts of climate change and how the human race will have to adapt politically and socio-economically.

With predictions that sea levels are to rise two to five feet by the year 2100, this event is more than relevant to those of us living on islands in the middle of the Pacific. The event is part of a nationwide effort by Organizing for America to discuss climate change.

Everyone is welcome. The meeting will start at 5:30pm at the Waikapu Community Center (22 Waiko Rd., Waikapu).