Maui Time Annual Mind Body Spirit 2013 Botinal Anti-Aging Facial



Photo by Sean Micheal Hower


Botinal Anti-Aging Facial

Emily Grace Esthetics

(By appointment only)

810 Kokomo Rd., Haiku


75 minutes: $120

Emily Grace runs her boutique day spa from a quiet, second level space in the Haiku Town Center. Inside, you’re enveloped in a cool, calm world. Her reputation as a professional waxer precedes her–which she says it keeps her very busy–but the facials are pure bliss. She has a special acne facial and says she’s an expert for getting rid of the blemishes. The mini-facial is for those pressed for time–it’s her basic treatment, condensed into 40 minutes.

Grace’s signature facial is her most popular, but the Botinal Anti Aging is botox without the needle. The botinal covers your face in a cocoon; Grace says it’s not for those who suffer from claustrophobia, but the results are immediate. The cocoon effect didn’t bother me–in fact, it was nice to be quiet with my thoughts inward. The bonus is that your skin gets plumped and smooth.

Grace advocates the use of good sunscreen and carries a line of mineral products that prevent sunburn, reduce the risk of sun cancers, wrinkles and dreaded pigmentation. She says to stay away from chemical sunscreens that are full of harmful ingredients. The GM Collins sunscreen she carries run from $25 to $42 and is formulated with 100 percent mineral filters.

“I have always been drawn to skin care and beauty from my youth,” she says. “I was inspired by my mother who took such great care of her skin and always had elegant beauty products I would sneak and use. When I developed acne as a teenager, I started getting routine facials to help my skin. It wasn’t just the clearing of my skin and products I enjoyed. It was the energy and touch of my esthetician that made me feel healed, too. That’s when I knew I wanted to be in the beauty business. I like to make people feel good. And I had so much knowledge of skin care. It was a perfect combination.”

As far as what you can do at home for proper skin care, Grace has lots of ideas.

“My best beauty advice is drink lots of water!” she says. “Water helps to hydrate the skin inside and out. Also ingest Omega Oils–they help protect and clear the skin. Flax Fish and or Borage oils are great options. Your diet is everything. Keeping away from excessive dairy and gluten will help keep the skin clear. And always take the time to cleanse the skin at night. It’s very important to use a great night cream. Our skin rejuvenates while we sleep, so extra added moisture protection helps keep our faces beautiful.”