Blog: US Senate Candidate Linda Lingle Casts Republicans As Democrats In New Campaign Ad

Is Linda Lingle secretly a Democrat too?

Once again, our little campaign for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by retiring Democratic Senator Daniel Akaka has attracted a little national attention. Earlier it was for Democratic candidate Mazie Hirono‘s appearance in a primary ad with Republican Alaska Congressman Dan Young, who endorsed her candidacy. Now it’s for Linda Lingle‘s recent ad spotlighting apparent Democrats who have endorsed her. But according to the blog Talking Points Memo, at least three of those “Democrats” are actually Republicans:

Lingle must win over independent voters and some Democrats in order to win in her deep-blue home state in November. Lingle’s willingness to reach across the aisle, which she highlights in the new web ad and in other spots, is meant to appeal to those voters. But several of the people featured in the ad appear to be Republican officials and candidates for state office.

According to TPM, the “Democrats” in Lingle’s ad include Elaine Slavinsky, who ran for the Hawaii state Senate in 2004 as a Republican, Jan Shishido, who was head of the Maui County Republican Party in 2000 and retired Judge Takashi Kitaoka, who has publicly identified himself as a Republican.

Now this is a great campaign!

Talking Points Memo: