Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman Gets New Reality Show That Rips Off Old Reality Shows

By Axel Beers

Fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter left fiending for a fix since the cancellation of his eponymous Dog the Bounty Hunter reality show, wait no more. Hawaii’s most famous bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman is returning to television with a new reality show promising all the capitalization of criminals in unfortunate circumstances and unsolicited bar-side style advice from that woman-you-wish-you-never-started-a-conversation-with (or made eye contact with) of his first show, with the added dynamics of a Gordan Ramsay kitchen.

Dog’s new show, which will be premiering in April on CMT (Country Music Television, a better fit for the Chapmans than AMC), is tentatively called Dog and will follow the Chapmans as they travel the country to visit struggling bail bondsmen and share their invaluable wisdom. Dog says in this Honolulu Star-Advertiser article that he “wanted to do this series to help bounty hunters deal with an increasingly dangerous profession that had claimed lives in recent months.”

The show has been ordered for 10 episodes by CMT and will reach 92 million homes that will either be entertained by the practical bail bondsman advice or enraptured by the misfortune of fellow human beings. Country Music Television knows its audience well.

Photo: US Navy/Wikimedia Commons