Hawaii State Senate Passes Steven Tyler Act; Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez Dies


Coincidence? I think not!

Seriously, though, earlier today the Hawaii state Senate did indeed pass SB465, the so-called “Steven Tyler Act,” with a vote of 23 ayes to two nays. The bill would bring the hammer down on people who try to take photos of celebrities, who really are nice folks just like the rest of us except that they have about a zillion more dollars than we do because of people who take photographs of them. The bill, introduced by Maui’s own Senator J. Kalani English, D-Hana, named it after his friend Steven Tyler, who really doesn’t like paparazzi, though he made sure when he visited the Senate a few weeks ago to pose for a bunch of photos with the senators and their staffs.

For some reason, Senators Sam Slom, R-Hawaii Kai, and Les Ihara, D-Kaimuki, decided that this bill, which pretty clearly infringes on free speech and I doubt would survive a court challenge, wasn’t a good idea. The rest of the Senate? They’re cool with it.

Also, yeah, Hugo Chavez just died from cancer. His photo availability is unknown at press time.

Photo: John Scorza/US Navy/Wikimedia Commons