How You Can Help Sierra Club Maui Expand Baldwin Beach Park


In the history of environmentalism, there are few more important names than John Muir. A naturalist and author, he also founded the Sierra Club. Though born in the United Kingdom back in 1838, Muir’s legacy stretches all the way to Maui. This week, to honor his 176th birthday, the Sierra Club’s local chapter will hold a little party celebrating him in Spreckelsville on Tuesday, Apr. 22. That’s not actually Muir’s birthday (which is on Apr. 21), … [Read more...]

9 Green Initiatives On Maui You Need To Know About


By Rob Parsons With the arrival of Earth Day each spring, our focus is sometimes drawn to the difficult environmental challenges we face, here in Hawaii and globally. Whether we choose to take on invasive species, cane-burning, climate change, biotech seed corporations, storm runoff, or the ever-increasing human population that’s the root cause of all our eco-issues, the enormity of what’s needed to solve the problems often lends a David and … [Read more...]

Super Special Maui News Quiz!


Time for our weekly MauiTime News Quiz! Did you study? Like that really matters... 1. A few weeks ago, The Maui News reported that Mayor Alan Arakawa’s administration was negotiating with Kehalani and Alexander & Baldwin over where to put a new county service center. Then on Apr. 11, The Maui News reported that a third developer had made a service center offer. Who was it? A. Maui Land & Pineapple Co. B. Everett Dowling C. … [Read more...]

County of Maui Hands Out Women of Excellence Awards

Mayor Alan Arakawa, Council Chair Gladys Baisa (seated) and CSW Chair Barbara Potopowitz (2nd from right) congratulate the recipients of the 2014 “Women of Excellence” Awards. Honorees L-R: Alberta DeJetley, Sheri-Ann Daniels, Agnes Groff, and Paul Janes-Brown.

On Mar. 27,  Maui County's Committee on the Status of Women presented Sheri-Ann Daniels, Alberta de Jetley and Agnes Groff with “Women of Excellence” awards. The celebration–which coincided with Women's History Month—also honored the late Elizabeth Rosemary Betty Baker Breen Janes-Brown (known to longtime Maui News readers as Liz Janes and then Liz Janes-Brown) with a “Honorary Historical Award.” Daniels won the “Woman of Excellence Award,” … [Read more...]

For Sunshine Week, we shed light on the Maui County Council’s eternal war against the Hawaii Sunshine Law


This is a story about power. Since 1975, the State of Hawaii has lived under something called Chapter 92 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes. Sometimes called the state’s “ppen meetings law” or more colloquially the “Sunshine Law,” the first sentences of that legal framework that govern those who govern us is surprisingly clear about who (ideally) runs the show. “In a democracy, the people are vested with the ultimate decision-making power,” … [Read more...]

Maui County Council Members Fire Yet Another Salvo At Hawaii Sunshine Law

Operation Iraqi Freedom II

As I've detailed on many previous posts, a considerable majority of the Maui County Council views the state's open meetings law–also called the "Sunshine Law"–with feelings ranging from muttering disagreement to contemptuous disdain. And why not? The law restricts them from getting together in groups comprising a quorum without officially sending out notices to the public, posting an agenda, keeping minutes, etc. In other words, it prevents them … [Read more...]

Maui County Planning Department Will ‘Revisit’ Travel Logistics To Neighbor Islands


Last week I reported that a vocal contingent of County of Maui employees were nervous about the recent spate of small plane crashes on Maui and the neighbor islands. The story was anecdotal, based on my talking with various sources through a few different departments, but made the case that a considerable number of employees didn’t like having to fly to Lanai and Molokai so much. At Mayor Alan Arakawa’s Feb. 27 press conference on the most recent … [Read more...]

Mayor Alan Arakawa To Wear Powdered Wig In New MauiOnstage Play

The Worthmores

Read the news enough, and you quickly find that there isn’t much difference between actors and politicians. Both make speeches, remember lines, perform before audiences and generally play roles that are often at odds with their own personalities. Usually, it’s the actors who decide to enter politics (Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, that guy who played Gopher on The Love Boat), but every once in a while, a politician decides … [Read more...]

Recent Small Plane Crashes Are Making County Of Maui Employees Nervous


Normally, I don’t attend press conferences, much less ask questions at press conferences, but everything about the Feb. 27 gathering at the Mayor’s Lounge, on the ninth floor of the Kalana O Maui building in Wailuku, was different. It was in response to the crash of an Maui Air charter flight–a Piper Chieftan–on Lanai the night before that killed three people and injured three more–five of whom were county employees. “We do not know why the … [Read more...]

Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa: ‘We lost two of our own last night’


A few minutes before the Maui County officials' press conference today on last night's crash of an Maui Air charter flight on Lanai that killed three people and injured three more–five of which were county employees–a county staffer circulated the Mayor's Lounge, where the conference was to take place. As TV crews set up in the front of the room and county officials like Councilman Mike Victorino sat in the back, the staffer handed out small … [Read more...]