U.S. Senator Brian Schatz: Let’s Remember 9/11 By Starting Yet Another War In Iraq


Before Sept. 11, 2001, the darkest and arguably most important reason anyone would remember that particular date is because on Sept. 11, 1973, a coup toppled Salvador Allende's democratic government in Chile. The CIA–at the behest of President Richard Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger–had spent three years destabilizing the Chilean economy, creating exactly the kind of conditions ripe for a nice, violent overthrow. The result–which … [Read more...]

ACLU Hawaii Sues State Of Hawaii Over Special Puna Election


When I was talking with political analysts immediately following the Aug. 9 Hawaii Primary Election, I kept hearing the same thing: the situation down in Puna on the Big Island was a mess and it would be weeks before we got closure on the very tight U.S. Senate race, which they day after the election was separated by a mere 1,600 or so votes. This was because state law gave the Office of Elections three weeks to get things organized. But … [Read more...]

Brian Schatz Wins Democratic U.S. Senate Primary, We Think


It’s hard to know for sure, but we think that U.S. Senator Brian Schatz has won his Democratic Primary race against challenger Colleen Hanabusa. That’s what all the papers were reporting after the Aug. 15 special election in hurricane-ravaged Puna, but they were also reporting that the state Office of Elections suddenly found 800 ballots from Maui County that had previously gone uncounted. “Hawaii elections officials say 800 uncounted ballots … [Read more...]

Why Gov. Neil Abercrombie Lost & Other Things We Learned From The Hawaii Primary Election


There were about a dozen people in the room when it happened. They were seated around tables, watching two televisions. Patriotic bunting and white signs bearing the name “Abercrombie” hung around the windows that faced Main Street in Wailuku. There was a stack of pizzas off to the side, as well as a few cakes, plates of ahi sashimi, bowls of noodles and rice and a cooler full of bottled water. These were Governor Neil Abercrombie’s most … [Read more...]

An Early Look At Hawaii Primary Election 1st Printout


Maui County polls closed at 6pm or so in the Hawaii Primary Election, but the treasured 1st Printout–representing a little over 104,000 votes, didn't get released until shortly before 7pm. Here are some early looks at a few key races. By now, most everyone in the state knows that incumbent Governor Neil Abercrombie is careening towards an historic upset defeat. I was sitting in his campaign's Wailuku headquarters when the 1st Printout came … [Read more...]

Today: Hawaii Primary Election


The polls are open across Maui County and won't close until 6pm tonight. Just two polling places are closed on the Big Island due to Hurricane Iselle. Given the relative calm weather out there, we should have our normally poor turnout, rather than the abysmal numbers political analysts were forecasting. You'd think that since Hawaii votes on Saturday rather than a workday, we'd have better turnout rates (the 2012 Primary turnout was 42.3 … [Read more...]

2014 Hawaii Primary Election Endorsements


For us political junkies, the late summer of an even-numbered year is a magical time. Our airwaves, email and inboxes get jammed with misleading, often shameless propaganda. Battalions of volunteers line roadsides to wave colorful but still bland signs at passing motorists. And, for the true believers, forums pop up at community centers around the island, where earnest residents can sit on metal folding chairs while someone at the front of the … [Read more...]

Washington Post Says Hawaii Election Polling Is ‘Notoriously Unreliable’


Well, this is it–the final week before the Hawaii Primary Election on Aug. 9. So who’s going to win? Depends on which candidate you ask, or which poll you read. And if it seems to you that polls around here–which, right now, seem to show both incumbent U.S. Senator Brian Schatz and challenger Rep. Colleen Hanabusa leading in the Democratic Senate race–aren’t very helpful, take heart: others around the country have noticed, too. “One problem: … [Read more...]

Special Mostly Political Weekly Maui News Quiz!


1. On July 21, the Planned Parenthood of Hawaii Action Network announced their Primary Election endorsements. Just one of the following state officials representing Maui received their endorsement. Which one was it? A. Rep. Mele Carroll B. Rep. Angus McKelvey C. Rep. Joe Souki D. Sen. J. Kalani English E. Sen. Roz Baker   2. On Tuesday, July 22, The Maui News endorsed Colleen Hanabusa for U.S. Senate. But two days prior, … [Read more...]

Gun Rights Rally on Maui June 18 2014 [VID] [PICS]

Wanna see whose packin'? Gun rights rally, in Kahului Maui Wednesday afternoon June 18.   Second Amendment supporters wave flags and signs in direct response to recent Senator Brian Schatz television campaign commercial.   … [Read more...]