Former Republican Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle Strikes Back In Bid For U.S. Senate Seat


By Jacob Shafer The moment was so perfect it was almost surreal. St. Paul, Minnesota, September 2008. The Republican National Convention. A giant American flag projected on the wall dissolves into a sea of red. Deep, blood red. A woman, dressed in a dark gray pantsuit and the hint of a pink shirt, strides to the lectern and flashes a confident, knowing smile. The assembled crowd roars. Sarah Palin, right? Try again: Linda Lingle – “the … [Read more...]

2012 MauiTime Wedding Issue


We're in June now, and that means people are getting married more than ever. Or, so the tradition goes. Anyway, here's our annual wedding issue, packed with information and stories about all things Maui weddings. Whatever you want, whatever you need (and we're guessing you need and want a lot), we can help you: Our Incredibly Comprehensive Wedding Industry Listings, including Cakes, Catering, Photography and Just About Everything Else An … [Read more...]

After Six Months of Legality, how are Civil Unions on Maui and in Hawaii Doing?


By Anthony Pignataro The promise made back on Feb. 23, 2011 was nothing less than the fulfillment of a fundamental civil right. “This signing today of this measure says to all of the world that they are welcome,” said Governor Neil Abercrombie, finally making it legal for the State of Hawaii to legalize same-sex civil unions. “That everyone is a brother or sister here in paradise.” It’s easy to forget now, but this was a huge deal at the … [Read more...]

Candidate Linda Lingle!


LINDA LINGLE U.S. Senate • Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri • Pre-politics profession: Newspaper Publisher • Electoral Win/Loss Record: 9/1 • First electoral victory: Maui County Council, 1980 • Supports: Furloughing teachers, Kahului Airport expansion, more tourism, Honolulu rail • Opposes: Hawaii Superferry environmental review, civil unions, more protections for endangered Hawaiian monk seals • Gets campaign donations … [Read more...]

Hawaii Lawmakers Are Considering Some Familiar Legislation. Will Any Of It Pass?


Every legislative session is defined more by failure than triumph. Hundreds of bills are introduced each year, and most are snuffed out quietly in committee, killed once they reach the floor or impaled by the Governor’s veto pen. Of course, no legislative death is permanent—there’s always another session to tweak and reintroduce a bill and hope the winds of fate and political will have shifted. The 2011 session is no exception. Lawmakers on … [Read more...]

The Year in Review


Is life like football or is football like life? Let’s see: one involves unnecessary roughness, revolves around money and encourages gambling and excessive drinking—and the other is played on Sunday. Another similarity between life and America’s real pastime (sorry baseball, ratings don’t lie): each is conveniently divided into four quarters. So let’s flip the coin and kick off a recap of the brutal, bone-crushing, down-to-the-wire game that … [Read more...]

Lingle’s Legacy, According to Lingle…

Memory problems? Try ginkgo biloba.

As she packed her pantsuits and exited the Governor’s mansion this week, former Gov. Lingle launched a new Web site ( Sentimentally titled “Looking Back, And Forward,” the site purports to be a chronicle of Lingle’s eight years in office. Curious, then, that searches for “Hawaii Superferry,” “Furlough Fridays” and “civil unions” yield zero results. … [Read more...]

Governor Lingle Sinks to a New Low With Civil Union Veto


It'll provide cold comfort at best to the thousands of couples still mourning Gov. Linda Lingle's eleventh-hour veto of civil union bill HB444, but it's a fact nonetheless: eventually, gay people will be able to get married. In Hawaii. In California. In Oklahoma. Everywhere. The suppression of civil rights is always a temporary condition; the climb may be precipitous, the battle protracted, but eventually freedom will out. That's the long … [Read more...]

Governor Lingle Vetoes Civil Union Bill HB444

MauiTime's cover from March 2008, back when the legislature were the ones with no spine. (Photo by Sean Michael Hower)

A few hours ago, Gov. Linda Lingle announced she will veto civil union bill HB444. We'll explore her reasoning (or lack thereof) in much more depth soon, here, at and in our print edition. For now, suffice it to say we are saddened but not stunned. Twitter has blown up at the news, with the vast majority of posts being pro-civil unions and anti-Lingle. MauiTime got in on the action when Publisher Tommy Russo posted a photo of the … [Read more...]

The False Victims of Civil Unions

Photo by Sean Michael Hower

Rights are not a zero-sum game; when one group gains, another doesn't necessarily lose. This seemingly obvious truism has been largely ignored in the discussion of civil union bill HB444. Take, for example, a June 21 Honolulu Star-Advertiser dispatch, which opens with descriptions of two couples: a husband and wife who believe "marriage between a  man and a woman is sacred, a lifelong union and one of the seven sacraments Catholics revere," and … [Read more...]