Monsanto Election Spending Is Out Of Control But We’re Still Saying To Vote No On The Maui County GMO Initiative


So by now most everyone on the island knows that Monsanto–a giant corporation that says it cares about feeding the world but is far more concerned about profits and market share–has spent more than $6 million to try to defeat the upcoming Maui County ballot measure that would slap a "moratorium" on all genetically modified crops. Together with Dow, their "Citizens Against The Maui County Farming Ban" has spent nearly $8 million against the … [Read more...]

Big Kaanapali Beach Restoration Takes Small Step Forward


Way back in 1964, when the Ka‘anapali Resort was still in its infancy, its owner American Factors paid for a 19-minute promotional film to bring rich tourists to Maui (click here to watch it on Youtube). Titled Kaanapali, the film called the area a “Polynesian Riviera” and didn’t undersell the importance of the resort’s expansive beach. “Ka‘anapali’s pride is three miles of golden sand,” the film stated. “The most beautiful beach in the world… … [Read more...]

Hurricane Ana Coming Soon To A Hawaiian Island Near You


Though it's not forecast to hit Maui County directly, Hurricane Ana could still bring a lot of moisture, wind and swell to us this weekend. To be safe, Haleakala National Park closed today at noon and will remain closed "until park managers can assess the safety conditions of the park’s roads, trails, campgrounds, and visitor centers," according to a National Park Service press release sent out today. All county campgrounds are closed today, … [Read more...]

Here’s A Little Corporate Welfare, County of Maui Style


Looks like the County of Maui may soon spend about a million tax dollars on beer brewing, deep well drilling, patient care software, stem cell research and a new restaurant called "Da Car Wash Cafe." Back in February, the Maui County Office of Economic Development (OED) started a new experiment of sorts in the world of corporate welfare (as though a government office of “economic development” isn’t already corporate welfare-ish enough). It’s … [Read more...]

This Monday, Sept. 15: County Of Maui To Start New Community Budget Meetings Series


I know, I know, the thrill and excitement of community budget meetings is just too much for most people to handle. But County of Maui officials are saying hold on, they've revamped the annual series of meetings, where they go on the road to various locations around the county and ask people what they want the next budget to look like. "As a new feature this year to the Mayor's annual community Budget meetings, tables will be set up to allow … [Read more...]

County of Maui Sponsoring Workshop On Welcoming Visitors From China


I always laugh whenever I read some right-winger use the term “communist China,” as though 1950 never ended. China is an extremely large, ancient and complex country that is, quite literally, “communist” in name only. In fact, China is so decidedly non-communist that officials with the County of Maui and the Maui Visitors Bureau are doing all they can to get them to come to our fair island and spend money here on our capitalist trinkets and … [Read more...]

All Non-Emergency Departments Of County Of Maui Shut Down Thursday At Noon


Looks like the county is closing up shop on just about everything it does tomorrow because of Hurricanes Iselle and Julio: "In preparation for Tropical Storm Iselle, all non-emergency County personnel will be sent home at noon tomorrow (Thursday, August 7) with the possible exception of County elections employees," stated a county news release sent out earlier today. "Determinations regarding County elections employees and walk-in voting … [Read more...]

County Will Suspend Maui Bus Service Thursday & Friday Because of Storms Iselle & Julio


Concerned about safety on the eve of Tropical Cyclones Iselle and Julio, Maui County officials announced at noon today that they will suspend Maui Bus service Thursday and Friday. Here's the schedule they just sent out with last departure times: MAUI BUS FIXED ROUTE SERVICE*All Maui Bus fixed routes will be suspended some time between 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Thursday evening, depending on the route.  Last departure times for each route are … [Read more...]

Prepare Now: Hurricanes Iselle, Julio Headed To Hawaii Later This Week


As you've no doubt heard, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says that two hurricanes are currently on track to hit Hawaii later this week. First up is Hurricane Iselle, which is scheduled to hit Maui–as a tropical storm–late Thursday, early Friday. Then Julio, assuming it stays on its current track–hits the Big Island on Saturday or Sunday. Of course, big storms move in ways computer modeling sometimes misses. For that … [Read more...]

Maui County Councilman Don Guzman Wants Volunteers To Fix County Parks Dept. Shambles


Last time we checked, the County of Maui Parks Department was a mess. Director Glenn Correa–the subject of a Maui Police investigation into... something–is gone, and the state Attorney General's office is currently looking into the department for... something. We tried to ask new Parks chief Brianne Savage, but she refused to sit down with us "until things are a bit more settled," whenever that might be. In the mean time, the cleanliness and … [Read more...]