The Color Run Organizers Refuse To Disclose How Much Money They Made From Their Mar. 30 Maui Event

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Man, people on Maui love talking about Maui's recent Color Run. Sure, about 5,700 people (according to the Mar. 31 Maui News) enjoyed running in it while volunteers threw multi-colored corn starch on them, but I've been amazed how many people have been talking about our little April 2 story on the disparity between the $8,000 The Color Run donated to Maui United Way and the approximately $250,000 race organizers took in. "Everyone was there … [Read more...]

News Quiz: Test your knowledge of Evan Strong and MECO blackouts


1. Haiku native Evan Strong, who today lives in Nevada City, California, competed in the Paralympics’ snowboard cross event this weekend in Sochi, Russia. What did Strong win in the event? A. Gold medal B. Silver medal C. Bronze medal D. No medal E. 10-year prison term in Siberia   2. On Mar. 14, County of Maui officials announced that technicians had finally fixed problems that had recently been plaguing the county’s … [Read more...]

MAUIWatch Founder Neldon Mamuad Sues County of Maui Alleging 1st Amendment Violations


MAUIWatch founder Neldon Mamuad alleges that county officials have repeatedly violated his First Amendment rights, states a 34-page lawsuit Mamuad filed against the County of Maui on Mar. 3 in U.S. District Court in Honolulu. The lawsuit, which also asks for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the county, paints a picture of county officials carrying out systematic harassment of Mamuad–who is also a county employee–whose page has so far … [Read more...]

Maui County Planning Department Will ‘Revisit’ Travel Logistics To Neighbor Islands


Last week I reported that a vocal contingent of County of Maui employees were nervous about the recent spate of small plane crashes on Maui and the neighbor islands. The story was anecdotal, based on my talking with various sources through a few different departments, but made the case that a considerable number of employees didn’t like having to fly to Lanai and Molokai so much. At Mayor Alan Arakawa’s Feb. 27 press conference on the most recent … [Read more...]

Recent Small Plane Crashes Are Making County Of Maui Employees Nervous


Normally, I don’t attend press conferences, much less ask questions at press conferences, but everything about the Feb. 27 gathering at the Mayor’s Lounge, on the ninth floor of the Kalana O Maui building in Wailuku, was different. It was in response to the crash of an Maui Air charter flight–a Piper Chieftan–on Lanai the night before that killed three people and injured three more–five of whom were county employees. “We do not know why the … [Read more...]

Maui News Reports That Maui PD Has Fired Officer Nelson Johnson


Using the latest of those vague, ambiguous summaries of all the punishments the Maui Police Department serves on its own that state law requires them to release every few months, The Maui News has determined that Maui PD Officer Nelson Johnson–who was arrested back in November for allegedly abusing two of his young children–has, in fact, been terminated. State law prohibits the department from naming officers who've been sanctioned by Internal … [Read more...]

County of Maui Starts New Economic Development Fund For Small Businesses


For those on Maui who want to start, expand or even just sustain their small business, they have a few well known options. They can attempt to get a bank loan, which can even in the best of times be a difficult, time-consuming process. They can sell shares of their company to private investors, trading influence over the business for money. Not wanting to deal with the trouble of either, they could–if possible–dip into their own personal … [Read more...]

This Wednesday, Feb. 19: Kula Community Association To Discuss Proposed Maui-Oahu Undersea Power Cable


Not quite a year ago, this paper broke the story about Sempra's plan for a massive expansion of the wind farm out in Kahikinui should the state of Hawaii ever build an proposed undersea power cable linking the islands of Maui and Oahu. In that story, I asked Doug McLeod, the County of Maui energy commissioner, what he thought of the odds of the cable actually going in: “The main issue is whether the route goes through the Hawaiian Islands … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Maui County Parks Director On Administrative Leave Pending Maui PD Investigation

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M aui County Parks & Recreation Director Glenn T. Correa is on administrative leave pending the outcome of a Maui Police investigation into county workers' alleged golfing at Waiehu Municipal Golf Course on county time, said an official with the County of Maui who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter. A second employee with the Parks & Recreation department, who also requested anonymity, confirmed that Correa … [Read more...]

ACLU Hawaii Sues County Of Maui For Allegedly Prohibiting Religious Expression On Public Sidewalk


The island of Maui is located approximately 5,000 miles from the original copy of the United States Constitution on display at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., but given the actions of the Maui Police Department, we might as well be five light years away. Don't believe me? Go stand on a sidewalk–any public sidewalk around the county will do. Chances are that you'll be in trouble if one of Maui's Finest happens upon you. In the … [Read more...]