County Of Maui Thinking About Banning Styrofoam Containers


  The ubiquitous plate lunch has found a home in large polystyrene (known commercially as Styrofoam) containers since the dawn of time (or perhaps a bit later). But for those of you who largely subsist on large quantities of chicken katsu and loco moco, be warned that we may be living in the final days of the Great Styrofoam Era on Maui. On Monday, July 28, the Maui County Council's Infrastructure and Environmental Management … [Read more...]

County Of Maui Appeals Kawano’s Ruling Throwing Out Criminal Case Against MauiTime Publisher Tommy Russo


So remember a couple weeks ago when we ran this story saying District Court Judge Kelsey Kawano had thrown out the criminal case against MauiTime Publisher Tommy Russo over his photographing Maui police officers two years ago because the cops didn't have probable cause to arrest him in the first place? Well, that turned out to be a bit premature–this morning, County of Maui Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Artemio C. Baxa appealed the decision. … [Read more...]

Judge Kelsey Kawano Ends Prosecution Of MauiTime Publisher Tommy Russo–No Probable Cause


After nearly two years, Wailuku District Court Judge Kelsey Kawano has finally ended the travesty that was the case State of Hawaii v. Thomas Russo, the publisher of MauiTime. On Wednesday, July 9, Judge Kawano ruled that Maui Police Officers Rusty Lawson and John Fairchild had no probable cause to arrest Russo on Nov. 20, 2012 when he was photographing them on Haleakala Highway during their Operation Recon traffic stop and threw out the whole … [Read more...]

Judge Cahill Rejects Neldon Mamuad’s Maui Mayoral Candidacy


This afternoon Second Circuit Court Judge Peter Cahill ruled that since Neldon Mamuad, the founder and chief administrator of the MAUIWatch Facebook page, did not file a new financial disclosure statement with his nomination papers on June 3, he was not "complying with the law" and thus could not be a candidate for the office of Maui County Mayor. "There was no financial disclosure statement attached," Cahill noted during today's hearing. … [Read more...]

Thoughts On Day 1 Of Hearing On Neldon Mamuad’s Maui Mayoral Candidacy


Today marked the first day of a hearing on Neldon "AZD" Mamuad's Maui Mayoral candidacy in Second Circuit Court Judge Peter Cahill's courtroom. Mamuad, the founder of the popular MAUIWatch Facebook page and a former county Liquor Commissioner and radio personality, had wanted to run for mayor, but County Clerk Danny Mateo voided that when it was revealed that Mamuad had not concurrently filed a financial disclosure statement with the rest of his … [Read more...]

Andaz Little Fire Ant Infestation Story Shows Why Maui News Organizations Need To Explain Why


Why. There are six questions every cub reporter gets taught before he or she ventures out on a story: Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why? and How? Of those, perhaps the most important–and the one that typically gets the least play in news stories–is Why. The Maui News and Maui Now rarely run stories that explain why events take place. Perhaps they're so constrained by budget pressures that they can't take the time to fully report a story … [Read more...]

TONIGHT! June 18: Paia Community Meeting to Highlight Future of Paia Town

Tonight, County of Maui planning staff and small town consultants will discuss possible options for the future of Paia Town. The public is welcome to attend this community meeting, which will take place at 6pm in the Paia Community Center. The meeting is being coordinated by the Paia Town Association in partnership with the County of Maui and consultants from Progressive Urban Management Associates (PUMA). PUMA was appointed to do a study … [Read more...]

News Quiz: Maui Proclamations, Closed Restaurants and Alleged Sexual Harassment

17.51_quiz_Mayor_Alan Arakawa

1. Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa signs a lot of proclamations, but on June 2, he signed one that, for Maui at least, was a bit unusual. What did it proclaim for the week of June 2-8? A. National Dairy Cow Week B. National Dandruff Prevention Week C. National Mixed Martial Arts Appreciation Week D. National Hemp History Week E. National Map-Makers Week   2. Yet another well-established restaurant on Maui has closed. Which … [Read more...]

Federal Court Rules County Of Maui Violating Clean Water Act At Lahaina Wastewater Facility


We've known for a year now that the County of Maui's Lahaina Wastewater Reclamation Facility (LWRF) has been damaging precious coral reefs just off Kahekili Beach ("Airport Beach") in Ka'anapali. It comes from the practice of injecting three to five million gallons of wastewater into the ground each day. In July 2013, the University of Hawaii released a study showing that an astonishing 64 percent of that wastewater is finding its way–through … [Read more...]

Will The County of Maui Overreach As It Tries To Regulate Downhill Bike Tours?


West Maui Cycles in Lahaina is like a lot of bike shops. It’s relatively small, offers a nice selection of road and mountain bikes for sale and has a maintenance and repair shop. It also rents bikes–even offers maps so visitors can find a few local sites and, more importantly, not get lost. “I do not offer tours,” said owner James Boote. “Never have.” But under proposed new regulations currently pending before a Maui County Council committee, … [Read more...]