The Strange Case of Ed Case, Who Somehow Lost Two U.S. Senate Campaigns In 2012


And now I'd like to take a moment to discuss whatever became of Mr. Ed Case. I thought of the former U.S. Representative as soon as I heard that U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye had passed away on Dec. 17. After all, Case had first gotten himself elected to Congress by winning a special 2003 election after Congresswoman Patsy Mink died. And though he never really came close to beating Mazie Hirono in the Democratic Party Primary this year for the right … [Read more...]

UPDATED: U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye Passed Away On Dec. 17 At Age 88

Sen. Daniel K. Inouye is the featured guest at Pentagon observan

Going with the theme of death and worlds coming to an end, we’d like to discuss the sad passing of U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye. He died at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center of a respiratory ailment at about noon Hawaii time on Dec. 17. He was 88. His last word, reportedly, was "Aloha." Inouye was severely wounded when fighting with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team during World War II and won the Medal of Honor as a result. His … [Read more...]

Former Republican Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle Strikes Back In Bid For U.S. Senate Seat


By Jacob Shafer The moment was so perfect it was almost surreal. St. Paul, Minnesota, September 2008. The Republican National Convention. A giant American flag projected on the wall dissolves into a sea of red. Deep, blood red. A woman, dressed in a dark gray pantsuit and the hint of a pink shirt, strides to the lectern and flashes a confident, knowing smile. The assembled crowd roars. Sarah Palin, right? Try again: Linda Lingle – “the … [Read more...]

Blog: US Senate Candidate Linda Lingle Casts Republicans As Democrats In New Campaign Ad

Linda Lingle

Once again, our little campaign for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by retiring Democratic Senator Daniel Akaka has attracted a little national attention. Earlier it was for Democratic candidate Mazie Hirono's appearance in a primary ad with Republican Alaska Congressman Dan Young, who endorsed her candidacy. Now it's for Linda Lingle's recent ad spotlighting apparent Democrats who have endorsed her. But according to the blog Talking Points … [Read more...]

Hawaii Primary Election Candidates You Should NOT Ignore


Looks like we erred in our Candidates To Ignore section of our Hawaii Primary Election Endorsements issue. Two non-partisan candidates–Heath Beasley, a U.S. Navy vet who is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by retiring Democrat Senator Daniel Akaka, and Molokai homestead farmer/musician Kanohowailuku Helm, who is running for the 7th District state Senate seat currently held by incumbent Democrat J. Kalani English–were mistakenly … [Read more...]

After the ‘Opposites Attract’ TV Ad, Why is Ed Case Still Trying To Dance With Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle in Hawaii’s US Senate Race?

Mazie Hirono

If I were Ed Case, I'd start to consider ending my electoral political aspirations. He's a decent guy, sure, and, when he was in the House of Representatives, as effective as a legislator can be when he or she is from Hawaii. But from the start of his campaign for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by retiring Democrat Daniel Akaka, Case has pretty much been the odd guy out at a dance between current Democratic Representative Mazie Hirono (whose … [Read more...]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST SCARY PUBLIC FIGURE: Linda Lingle @lingle2012 #BOM2012


Technically Lingle hasn’t been a public official since she left the Hawaii governor’s office in 2010, but here campaign to replace retiring U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka (D, Hawaii) is close enough for me. Our readers think she’s scary, but there’s a very real chance the state’s voters (who twice elected her governor) will send the Republican who tried to Hawaii Superferry sail past our state’s environmental laws while killing same-sex marriages to … [Read more...]

Candidate Tulsi Gabbard, U.S. Congress, 2nd District, Democrat


TULSI GABBARD Running for: U.S. Congress (Hawaii’s 2nd District), Democratic nomination Running against: Rafael Del Castillo, Mufi Hannemann, Esther Kia‘aina, Bob Marx, Miles Shiratori Birthplace: Leloaloa, American Samoa Profession: Honolulu City Council member Electoral Win/Loss Record: 2/0 First electoral victory: Hawaii state Representative (at age 21!), 2002 Supports: Restoring the Glass-Steagall bank regulation act, tax … [Read more...]

EMILY’s List Smacks Linda Lingle Over Roy Blunt


Ok, I'm going to run really quick through some extremely divisive social politics. First, Republican U.S. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri tried to kill the Obama Administration's controversial rule requiring insurance companies to cover the costs of contraception (this is the so-called Blunt Amendment, which failed). Then former Republican Governor Linda Lingle, who is running (as a moderate) for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democratic … [Read more...]

How Will Hawaii’s Congressional Representatives And Senators Vote On SOPA?


Actually, your guess is as good as ours. According to the investigative news non-profit organization ProPublica, none of Hawaii's people in Washington – U.S. Senators Daniel Akaka and Dan Inouye or Congressmembers Colleen Hanabusa (1st District) and Mazie Hirono (2nd District)– have taken a public stance on the contentious Stop Online Piracy ACT (SOPA). But you can click here for ProPublica's breakdown of the four, including how much campaign … [Read more...]