Eh Guy With The Vulgar Message On Your Truck!


I saw your truck around Kahului and at Sakamoto Pool. Both times, it has a vulgar message in the window. Many things frustrate me about your message. First, this is NOT Aloha! Maybe the message is the driver of the truck does not have Aloha and everyone else is f%#@ed! Second, your message is vulgar. It’s one thing to be talking to the group and use the f-bomb, but it’s another thing to put this on your back window. I don’t know what caused you … [Read more...]

Super Unique MauiTime News Quiz!


Did everyone study for this week's MauiTime News Quiz? No? Good–that makes it more fun! 1. On July 7, state Senator and Democratic Governor candidate David Ige appeared at a campaign fundraiser at Binhi at Ani Maui in Kahului. According to a July 6 press release from Ige’s campaign, which former Hawaii governor was scheduled to appear with him? A. Linda Lingle B. George Ariyoshi C. Ben Cayetano D. John Waihee E. All of the … [Read more...]

This Sunday, June 15: SPCA Maui Offers Cat Panleukopenia Vaccination Clinic In Kahului

If you have a precious feline at home, mark your calendar for this Sunday, June 15. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Maui will host a mass vaccination clinic from 9am to 11am at their new location in Kahului to protect Maui's cats against the panleukopenia virus that seems to be spreading across Maui. "We hadn't planned on putting our new clinic and office space to use so quickly," said SPCA Maui President Sue … [Read more...]

One Family Tours All Maui’s Skateparks And Somehow Lives To Tell The Tale


By Tim O'Connor For my son Lewis’ sixth birthday, he asked for a “real skateboard.” Mom had her reservations, but his involvement in tackle football and dirt bike racing seem to have softened her opposition to skateboarding (when he was three he rode with me on my down-hill longboard). So when his birthday came, we fulfilled his wish. A full complement of pads, and a nice helmet also helped ease mom’s tensions. But as many parents experience, … [Read more...]

Eh Angry Driver!

17.47.EH BRAH

I was traveling west on Wakea Street and was turning left onto Hukiliki Street, trying to a beat a truck traveling east on Wakea. You–one angry tita–also clearly wanted to beat the truck. But I had the right of way, not you. Instead of waiting your turn, you moved out into the intersection and nearly hit me. Of course, you were cursing me the entire time. Be glad I was in a good mood that day, so I just smiled and waved at you. What an ass you … [Read more...]

This Week’s MauiTime News Quiz Tests Your Knowledge Of Larry Ellison And MECO Blackouts


1. According to a Feb. 21 Pacific Business News blog post, Larry Ellison–who bought 98 percent of the island of Lanai in the summer of 2012–has also been buying up resort properties near the Four Seasons at Manele Bay. Of the 26 resort properties sold in the Manele Bay area since 2012, how many have been bought by Ellison? A. 26 B. 23 C. 21 D. 18 E. 14   2. On Feb. 22, 1,300 MECO customers lost power in Kahului for 30 … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Maui Nui Botanical Gardens To Start Charging Admission In January


[NOTE: I finally heard from MNGB Exec. Director Joylynn Paman on Dec. 31, and updated the story below to include her statement on the new fees] Since 1976, the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens in Kahului has provided a unique (and free) oasis of indigenous and endemic plants. It's a serene place, full of benches to sit and admire botanical specimens that exist nowhere else on earth. "By collecting, cultivating, and distributing native and … [Read more...]

2013 MauiTime Gift Guide

By Jen Russo and Sarah Gerlach By now, we’re all much too familiar with the horror stories of Christmas shopping. Big Box retailers here and on the Mainland are cramped, frantic places even with the holiday pressure. Why do we put up with endless lines in parking lots and checkstands, to say nothing of aisles and aisles filled with junk made largely by poor people thousands of miles away working for giant multinational corporations that are only … [Read more...]

Condiment Revolution: Hot handmade Gifts on Maui

Little spicy bottles of flavor sensations will stoke out your foodie friends and keep well under the tree. Read more of this post here … [Read more...]

Maui Gifts from the Bee Keepers – Handmade Maui Honey

The sweetest gift Maui has to give is a little jar of liquid gold. Read more of this post here … [Read more...]