One Family Tours All Maui’s Skateparks And Somehow Lives To Tell The Tale


By Tim O'Connor For my son Lewis’ sixth birthday, he asked for a “real skateboard.” Mom had her reservations, but his involvement in tackle football and dirt bike racing seem to have softened her opposition to skateboarding (when he was three he rode with me on my down-hill longboard). So when his birthday came, we fulfilled his wish. A full complement of pads, and a nice helmet also helped ease mom’s tensions. But as many parents experience, … [Read more...]

Photos & Video Show Flash Flood Devastation On Maui From Upcountry To Kihei

That was some storm we had this weekend. It wasn't surprising, given all the flash flood advisories and watches that kept popping up statewide. Anyway, because some MauiTime staffers decided to run outside and stomp in some puddles, we've got some great footage of the havoc the wet stuff wrought on the island. The photos show flood damage Upcountry, while the video shows what all that water did once it flowed to Kihei. Stay … [Read more...]

Eh Crazy Lady!

17.39.EH BRAH

The nerve of you two bad-mouthed old muckity mucks in Kihei! There I was, peacefully taking pictures of my skateboarding kids, when you two walked up and wrecked the serenity of our evening with your 10-minute verbal assault. When you told me to leave your street (which I live on) or you were calling the police, I saw how amped up you were (too much viagra?). I’m still shocked that after hearing your husband’s filthy rant, that yow followed me up … [Read more...]

MauiTime Exclusive Fashion Interview with Joe Wilmot & Jody Curtin of Mahina

Joe Wilmot and Jody Curtin,  Co-Owners   Mahina 4057 L. Honoapiilani Rd, Lahaina. 808-669-6068 1913 S. Kihei Rd, Kihei. 808-879-3453 23 Baldwin Ave, Paia. 808-579-9131 Facebook: Mahina   How many years experience in the industry? Seven   How did you get your start in the Fashion Design and retail industry? When was this? Did you have any formal training? We just opened … [Read more...]

New Kaho’olawe Cultural Center To Open In Kihei

Visiting Kaho'olawe is a fantastic way to get to know the history of the fairly deserted island. Though only about seven miles from Maui's south shore, few actually visit the island because by law it can be used only for native Hawaiian cultural, spiritual and subsistence purposes, fishing, environmental restoration, historic preservation and education. Now, locals and visitors of Maui will have a place to learn about Kaho'olawe's history thanks … [Read more...]

Maui Gifts from the Bee Keepers – Handmade Maui Honey

The sweetest gift Maui has to give is a little jar of liquid gold. Read more of this post here … [Read more...]

Beach Bums: Maui Bikini Designers

The bikini (or at least a swimsuit) is an essential part of the wardrobe on Maui. The great news is there are so many styles and selections to choose from that there’s a suit for every shape. CaraMiya Davies-Reid custom-makes bathing suits for shape and size, and you can order them at Indigo and on Etsy. Maui Girl has been making suits on the island that keep up with trends. At the Bikini Market in Kihei, the Indie Attire Bikinis are hand-sewn … [Read more...]

Blown Away: Makai Glass Art Gifts

Stop by the Makai Glass Creations workshop and get blown away by the mystic performance of hot glass in action. The Maui-inspired sculpture captures big ocean wave curls and tiny pineapple bottle stops to life-sized conch shells. No matter what these artisans create, all the work demonstrates the intricacies of their colored fragile medium. Makai Glass Creations, 903 Hal‘iimaile Rd.; 808-269-8255; Fine Artists Craft Fair–The … [Read more...]

Santa Got A Light? The Vape and other smoky gifts

The big deal this year at all the smoke shops is the advent of the electronic cigarette. The Vape market has grown in leaps and bounds, and now various flavors and fancy vape cigarettes in a rainbow of colors exist to smokers’ delights. If your beloved smoker is a traditionalist, stick to the essentials–organic tobaccos, tobacco water pipes, stash cans to keep your leaves fresh, quality rolling papers and lighters. Hawaiian Holy Smokes, 320 … [Read more...]

Maui County LC Indefinitely Defers Profanity Prosecution of Haui’s Life’s A Beach


Last week I reported that the Maui County Liquor Control Board of Adjudication was preparing to smack-down Haui’s Life’s A Beach in Kihei for permitting “obscene language, songs, or entertainment” in defiance of the county’s liquor rules. The incident, according to the agenda, took place on Feb. 16 of this year at approximately 12:50am. The agenda for the Dec. 5, 2013 hearing listed Life’s A Beach owner Howard Grunes as all set to plead no … [Read more...]