The Battle Of Kekaa: What Sydney Lehua Iaukea’s new book on the development of North Beach says about Maui land use, and ourselves


It’s hard to believe that just a decade ago, the Westside beaches that stretched from the Royal Lahaina Resort to Honokowai were largely empty. There were just grassy fields between the highway and the water. Known as Keka‘a or, more colloquially, North Beach, this was the capital of Maui. Kaka‘alaneo ruled there 500 years ago, and it was home to about 3,000 Hawaiians. That’s all in the past now–including the grassy fields. Go to Keka‘a today … [Read more...]

Here’s why Lahaina Restoration Foundation’s Theo Morrison is one of Maui’s hardest working people


When the young mother of two set sail with her husband for the South Pacific in 1979, she had no idea that one day she’d work at preserving Lahaina’s rich cultural heritage. After marrying a man from Hawaii who owned a sailboat, the family decided to sail from California to the South Pacific. But she never made it to the far reaches of the Pacific. The woman jumped ship with her children on the Big Island and has lived in Hawaii since. The woman … [Read more...]

QuizUnderstood: Four Maui PD Officers Did WHAT At The Lahaina Station?


1. On Sept. 5, the University of Hawaii sent out a news release saying that grad student Mohuhano “Mo” Tu‘ikolongahau had just won the 2014 Hawaii Woodshow’s Spirit of the Show Award for “the most creative use of underutilized Hawaii-grown non-native wood species.” What did Tu‘ikolongahau make that won him the award? A. Table B. Chair C. Lamp D. Desk E. Bookcase   2. A Sept. 5 Pacific Business News blog post quoted … [Read more...]

Staycation: Westin Maui Resort and Spa

For most people, the word "staycation" means taking a vacation at home, spent perhaps in the backyard pool. Here in Hawaii, we have a different meaning that applies to a vacation where you check into a resort just a few miles from home. At a recent staycation to check out the Ka'anapali Fresh Culinary Festival, I scoped out the newly renovated Westin Maui Ocean Tower. The Westin Maui opened in August 1971 as the Maui Surf Hotel with 12 stories … [Read more...]

This Week’s Super Special News Quiz!


1. According to the Aug. 11 Maui News, Alexander & Baldwin’s second quarter report shows that the company’s agribusiness division made $400,000 in profits. What did their ag bring in profit-wise during the same quarter last year? A. $506,000 B. $1.8 million C. $3.1 million D. $5.9 million E. $8.3 million   2. Though Neldon “AZD” Mamuad, the founder of the MauiWatch Facebook page, was not a legal candidate for the … [Read more...]

Lahaina Arts Society Honors George Allan as Living Treasure

George Allan award recipient courtesy LAS

On June 25, the Lahaina Arts Society (LAS) held their annual meeting and celebration at Lahaina’s Pioneer Inn. Each year, LAS honors one of their members with a Living Treasure Award to recognize that individual’s outstanding service to the organization. This year’s recipient is Maui artist George Allan, who has helped shape the society through his contributions over the past 40 years. During the award ceremony, LAS president Michael Stark … [Read more...]

Eh Screaming Lady!

18.03.EH BRAH_web

Eh screaming lady in the Lahaina Banyan Tree park!  Every single night for the last several weeks we’ve listened to you hollering at the top of your lungs, vomiting epithets that would embarrass a sailor, all with your little dog barking along side you. It’s understandable if you get upset occasionally and need to vent. But the Banyan Tree Park, where there are keiki and adult locals and tourists who would like a peaceful and relaxing time, is … [Read more...]

What Do You Know About The Hokule’a, Visitor Industry Charity Walk and Hawaii Unemployment?


Here's our super-special weekly MauiTime News Quiz. Hope you studied, because this week's quiz is 32 percent tougher than last week's... 1. Of the $1,745,001 raised during the Hawaii Visitor Industry Charity Walk this year, more than $767,000 of it came from Maui–the largest sum raised by any island, according to a May 17 Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association press release. How many consecutive years has Maui raised the most money in the … [Read more...]

Special MauiTime Weekly News Quiz


1. Last week, Pacific Biodiesel announced that it would be closing its Central Maui Landfill facility, which it’s operated for the last 20 years. What was the company’s reason, according to the Apr. 4 Pacific Business News? A. Compliance with County regulations required expensive upgrades and multiple permits B. The company always intended to close it at this time C. It’s more efficient to process biodiesel on the Big Island D. The … [Read more...]

MauiTime Exclusive Fashion Interview with Michele Joy Thornton of Rainbow Jo

Michele Joy Thornton, Owner & Designer Rainbow Jo  808 283 5473 [email protected]   Website:   How many years experience in the industry? As I've been designing and wholesaling original artwork on clothing for over 27 years,  I believe I am the longest running Maui based clothing designer.   Please tell me about the textiles you use in your designs. Any specific fabrics and colors that you … [Read more...]