Super Unique MauiTime News Quiz!


Did everyone study for this week's MauiTime News Quiz? No? Good–that makes it more fun! 1. On July 7, state Senator and Democratic Governor candidate David Ige appeared at a campaign fundraiser at Binhi at Ani Maui in Kahului. According to a July 6 press release from Ige’s campaign, which former Hawaii governor was scheduled to appear with him? A. Linda Lingle B. George Ariyoshi C. Ben Cayetano D. John Waihee E. All of the … [Read more...]

Eh, It’s MauiTime’s Annual Eh Brah Binge Issue!


We call this the Aloha State, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s nice to each other. Most people out here give friends, relatives and strangers a decent break, but we all know some lying, cheating, thieving parasite out there who just seems to enjoy causing misery in others. And while dealing with such a person is never fun, calling them out in Eh Brah! is great fun. So here are a bunch of Eh Brahs for you to binge on–all brand new, never before … [Read more...]

Want to go for a ride? Here’s our guide to cycling on Maui


Maui barely registers on the map of cycling destinations. In fact, a recent Bike League report card ranked the state as 40th out of 50 in terms of biking policies, infrastructure and laws. Yet we have some of the world's best scenery and weather–you could basically ride year-round on this island. When it comes to Maui cycling, most people think of the bike down the volcano experience on Haleakala, but the island also has a robust … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Does The May 1 Pi’iholo Zipline Fatality Signal Future Industry Regulation?

[NOTE: This post was updated on May 6 to include new details from the Maui PD] It was a tragic death. Shortly before 10am on Thursday, May 1, Patricia Rabellizsa (29) of Kihei fell about 150 feet to her death on the Piiholo Zipline course in Makawao. She was a company employee, and was working on that course when she fell. On May 6, the Maui Police Department released the following details on the circumstances surrounding her death: "The … [Read more...]

MauiTime Exclusive Fashion Interview with Michele Joy Thornton of Rainbow Jo

Michele Joy Thornton, Owner & Designer Rainbow Jo  808 283 5473 [email protected]   Website:   How many years experience in the industry? As I've been designing and wholesaling original artwork on clothing for over 27 years,  I believe I am the longest running Maui based clothing designer.   Please tell me about the textiles you use in your designs. Any specific fabrics and colors that you … [Read more...]

Eh Backpack Thief!

17.36.EH BRAH

Mahalo to the jerk who stole my daughter's backpack out of her car at our garage sale in Makawao. Not only did you steal her school books and schoolwork, you also got away with her iPad. That was her sweet sixteenth birthday gift and it contained tons of pictures, college essays and books for school. Thanks for the aloha and for letting her have a great senior year! Illustration by Ron Pitts … [Read more...]

MauiTime Exclusive Fashion Interview with Julia Forbes of Oneloa Maui

Julia Forbes of Oneloa Hats, Photo Courtesy of Oneloa Hats

Julia Forbes, Owner Oneloa Maui 808-298-2508 [email protected]   Website: Facebook: Oneloa Hats   How many years experience in the industry? I started my first business, Mitusa Designs (coin purses, cosmetic bags, and tote bags) about 4 years ago.   How did you get your start in the Fashion Design and/or retail industry? When was this? Did you have any formal training? I spent about a year in Chicago 4 … [Read more...]

Maui Gifts: The Queen Bee Royal Scrub and Body Products

The Queen Bee products made on Maui are hand-crafted by an artisanal herbalist and esthetician team with their own bees raised in Kula. The resulting honey-based organic products are both top quality and coveted. "This is one of the best exfoliants I have used,” says Haiku Esthetician Emily Grace. “Besides that it works amazing to get rid of those crusty dry skin cells. It’s made with organic ingredients like raw honey, green papaya enzymes and … [Read more...]

Cooling Spa Treatments to Beat Tropical Heat

Though the dog days of summer may be behind us, just because Sept. 22 has passed doesn't mean Mother Nature has mercy on the tropics. If you’re fed up with the steamy temperatures, it may be time to spend some down-time at the spa. Here are some treatments that can take the heat off:   Rain Massage, Spa Grande Wailea Nothing sounds cooler than a rainy day, and Spa Grande’s Rain Massage will make a cool splash. Relax to the sound of … [Read more...]

New Museum Will House Old Makawao Memories


Makawao is a charming little town with storefronts that look like they were built for an old-time Western. The Upcountry Maui village is a Paniolo town–a former and current home to the cowboy lifestyle. For tourists, it's an off-the-beaten-path destination en route to Haleakala. For many locals, it's just home–a place to run into friends while having coffee after dropping your kids off at school. The flavor of Makawao is being honored with … [Read more...]