Special MauiTime Weekly News Quiz


1. Last week, Pacific Biodiesel announced that it would be closing its Central Maui Landfill facility, which it’s operated for the last 20 years. What was the company’s reason, according to the Apr. 4 Pacific Business News? A. Compliance with County regulations required expensive upgrades and multiple permits B. The company always intended to close it at this time C. It’s more efficient to process biodiesel on the Big Island D. The … [Read more...]

National Accreditation Team Invites Public Input On Maui Police Department


The Maui's Police Department's policies and procedures will come under scrutiny next month to determine if the department has made a concerted effort to maintain its professional status. A team of assessors from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies will examine the department between April 14-17. The assessment is a voluntary process in order for the department to maintain accredited status and continue to meet CALEA's … [Read more...]

Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa: ‘We lost two of our own last night’


A few minutes before the Maui County officials' press conference today on last night's crash of an Maui Air charter flight on Lanai that killed three people and injured three more–five of which were county employees–a county staffer circulated the Mayor's Lounge, where the conference was to take place. As TV crews set up in the front of the room and county officials like Councilman Mike Victorino sat in the back, the staffer handed out small … [Read more...]

Maui News Reports That Maui PD Has Fired Officer Nelson Johnson


Using the latest of those vague, ambiguous summaries of all the punishments the Maui Police Department serves on its own that state law requires them to release every few months, The Maui News has determined that Maui PD Officer Nelson Johnson–who was arrested back in November for allegedly abusing two of his young children–has, in fact, been terminated. State law prohibits the department from naming officers who've been sanctioned by Internal … [Read more...]

EEOC Sues Maui County Over 45-year-old Who Couldn’t Become A Maui Cop


So it looks like the County of Maui is back in court over actions of the Maui Police Department. And it's not just anyone filing the suit, either–it's the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and they're hopping mad because they say the Maui PD unfairly discriminated against a 45-year-old who wanted to join their ranks. Here's an excerpt from an EEOC press release I got yesterday (Dec. 18): "According to the EEOC's suit, … [Read more...]

Maui Police Officer Nelson Johnson Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting His Teenage Daughter


Shortly before noon on Wednesday, Nov. 20, Maui Police Officers arrested one of their own–Nelson Johnson–for allegedly assaulting his teenage daughter the night before, according to a Maui PD press release written by Maui PD Lt. Jayson Rego. Here's how Rego's press statement described Johnson's alleged actions: "On November 19, 2013, at 9:40 p.m., The mother of the victim reported that her 13-year old daughter of Wailuku was slapped by her … [Read more...]

The 13 Scariest People On Maui


  Why go to horror movies with serial killers and demons when you’ve got plenty of frightening characters right here on Maui? Here’s a baker’s dozen of scary public officials, criminals and cops who will haunt you long after Halloween ends… 13. MELE CARROLL Democrat Mele Carroll, who has represented East Maui, Lanai and Molokai in the state House of Representatives since 2005, is one of those back-benchers who’d otherwise serve out … [Read more...]

Zombie Cops To Overrun Lahaina’s 2013 Halloween Festivities!


So on my desk right now are two copies of the latest press release from the Maui Police Department (otherwise known as news stories from The Maui News [subscription required] and Maui Now). Both stories are basically the same, repeating the same fear-mongering from the police about this year’s Halloween festival in Lahaina without any independent reporting or skepticism. The Maui Now piece, which was posted on Oct. 16 (four days before The … [Read more...]

Joe Blackburn Announces He’s Once Again Running For Maui County Council


Though the race is 14 months away, Joe Blackburn announced today that he's once again running for the Maui County Council seat representing Wailuku, Waihe'e and Waikapu. Blackburn, a realtor who used to work as a Maui police officer, firefighter and safety director for Maui Electric Co., unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Mike Victorino in the race for that seat last year. Blackburn's Sept. 27 press release announcing his candidacy is … [Read more...]

County of Maui Investigating Popular TAGUMAWatch Facebook Page


At press time, the TAGUMAWatch page on Facebook has 12,320 likes–an impressive tally of fans, especially the site is not even two months old. Named for Keith Taguma, Maui's most famous police officer, the site quickly became insanely popular on Maui–so much so that Hawaii News Now even did a story on it back in July. "The "TAGUMAWatch" Facebook page has already racked up more than 5,900 'likes' in just four days," the Honolulu news station … [Read more...]