Maui County Mayor’s Race Dwindles To Five Candidates When Maui PD Arrests Nelson Waikiki

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And then there were five. Last night, Maui Police arrested Maui mayoral candidate Nelson Waikiki moments after the big forum at Seabury Hall in Olinda concluded, states a Maui PD news release just sent out. The news release is pretty thin on why the police took Waikiki into custody, but this story in today's Maui News states that it was because "he failed to comply with conditions of his release" from prison after "pleading guilty to four felony … [Read more...]

No One Cares About Maui Police Internal Discipline Reports, Right?


So last week, The Maui News published another of those regular but all-too infrequent summaries of Maui Police discipline against its own. On June 24, the paper reported that the department busted five cops in March and April of this year, ranging in punishment from letters of reprimand to 10-day suspension and transfer–the latter of which fell on an officer for "breaching confidentiality and committing a criminal act in September." As usual, … [Read more...]

UPDATED AGAIN: Embattled Maui County Parks Dept. Director Glenn Correa Retires


[Editor's note: I updated this post on June 18 with information from an official press release sent out by Mayor Alan Arakawa's office, which wasn't yet available when I first posted this on June 17.] [Second Editor's note: I further updated this post on June 19 to include a statement from the Attorney General's office] Maui County Parks Department Director Glenn T. Correa, who was placed on administrative leave back in February while the … [Read more...]

Will The County of Maui Overreach As It Tries To Regulate Downhill Bike Tours?


West Maui Cycles in Lahaina is like a lot of bike shops. It’s relatively small, offers a nice selection of road and mountain bikes for sale and has a maintenance and repair shop. It also rents bikes–even offers maps so visitors can find a few local sites and, more importantly, not get lost. “I do not offer tours,” said owner James Boote. “Never have.” But under proposed new regulations currently pending before a Maui County Council committee, … [Read more...]

Maui Police Chief Gary Yabuta Resigns To Head Hawaii Drug Office No One Ever Heard Of


After just five years as Maui County Police Chief, Gary Yabuta is moving to Oahu to take over as director of a federal anti-drug program. There is, of course, great irony in the fact that Yabuta’s leaving to head some drug war office–What, Maui County’s part in the endless War on Drugs isn’t going so hot?–but the Maui Police Department will have none of that. “On 05/16/14, Chief of Police Gary YABUTA of the Maui Police Department told his … [Read more...]

UPDATED: MAUIWatch Declares Victory In Lawsuit Against County, Celebrates By Praising Maui PD

The photo that launched MAUIWatch

[NOTE: The following post has been updated to include an official statement from the County of Maui on the settlement.] Oh beautiful irony, where have you been? I thought I'd lost you, but then you popped up your pretty little head in, of all places, a press release from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announcing that the federal MAUIWatch lawsuit–brought about Neldon Mamuad, one of the site's administrators who is also a part-time … [Read more...]

‘A Good Cop’: We read disgraced former Maui cop Allison Moore’s new memoir so you wouldn’t have to


You don’t find vice cops who become addicted to methamphetamine that they steal out of police evidence and then pretend to have cancer to mask their addictions in every department. So when a publicist contacted us a few weeks ago, asking if we wanted to review Shards, a new memoir by Allison Moore–the former Maui Police Officer whose own on-the-job meth addiction really did lead her to steal from and lie to her department colleagues–we jumped at … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Maui Roads Turn Deadly With 6 Fatalities In Last 11 days


[UPDATE: The item below on the April 15 hit-and-run fatality has been updated with additional details from the MPD] Normally we're content to leave highway collisions and traffic updates to the myriad other news sites and papers around Maui (and Hawaii) that cover such things, but lately I've noticed my email inbox stuffed with Maui Police press releases containing the word "Fatal"–including one about a hit-and-run collision in North Kihei … [Read more...]

The Color Run Organizers Refuse To Disclose How Much Money They Made From Their Mar. 30 Maui Event

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Man, people on Maui love talking about Maui's recent Color Run. Sure, about 5,700 people (according to the Mar. 31 Maui News) enjoyed running in it while volunteers threw multi-colored corn starch on them, but I've been amazed how many people have been talking about our little April 2 story on the disparity between the $8,000 The Color Run donated to Maui United Way and the approximately $250,000 race organizers took in. "Everyone was there … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Hawaii Cops Work Really Hard For Your Money


So the County of Maui paid out $484,000 in overtime for Maui police officers last year, The Maui News reported on Mar. 20 (curiously, the story is not posted on their website). That's nearly half a million bucks in Golden Time. For any manager in the private sector, justifying such expenses would pretty much be impossible. But when you're Maui Police Chief Gary Yabuta, it's all in a day's work. At the Mar. 19 Maui Police Commission hearing, … [Read more...]