UPDATED: Maui Roads Turn Deadly With 6 Fatalities In Last 11 days


[UPDATE: The item below on the April 15 hit-and-run fatality has been updated with additional details from the MPD] Normally we're content to leave highway collisions and traffic updates to the myriad other news sites and papers around Maui (and Hawaii) that cover such things, but lately I've noticed my email inbox stuffed with Maui Police press releases containing the word "Fatal"–including one about a hit-and-run collision in North Kihei … [Read more...]

The Color Run Organizers Refuse To Disclose How Much Money They Made From Their Mar. 30 Maui Event

photo 3

Man, people on Maui love talking about Maui's recent Color Run. Sure, about 5,700 people (according to the Mar. 31 Maui News) enjoyed running in it while volunteers threw multi-colored corn starch on them, but I've been amazed how many people have been talking about our little April 2 story on the disparity between the $8,000 The Color Run donated to Maui United Way and the approximately $250,000 race organizers took in. "Everyone was there … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Hawaii Cops Work Really Hard For Your Money


So the County of Maui paid out $484,000 in overtime for Maui police officers last year, The Maui News reported on Mar. 20 (curiously, the story is not posted on their website). That's nearly half a million bucks in Golden Time. For any manager in the private sector, justifying such expenses would pretty much be impossible. But when you're Maui Police Chief Gary Yabuta, it's all in a day's work. At the Mar. 19 Maui Police Commission hearing, … [Read more...]

MAUIWatch Founder Neldon Mamuad Sues County of Maui Alleging 1st Amendment Violations


MAUIWatch founder Neldon Mamuad alleges that county officials have repeatedly violated his First Amendment rights, states a 34-page lawsuit Mamuad filed against the County of Maui on Mar. 3 in U.S. District Court in Honolulu. The lawsuit, which also asks for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the county, paints a picture of county officials carrying out systematic harassment of Mamuad–who is also a county employee–whose page has so far … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Maui County Parks Director On Administrative Leave Pending Maui PD Investigation

Dir_Parks_Correa_ Glen

M aui County Parks & Recreation Director Glenn T. Correa is on administrative leave pending the outcome of a Maui Police investigation into county workers' alleged golfing at Waiehu Municipal Golf Course on county time, said an official with the County of Maui who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter. A second employee with the Parks & Recreation department, who also requested anonymity, confirmed that Correa … [Read more...]

ACLU Hawaii Sues County Of Maui For Allegedly Prohibiting Religious Expression On Public Sidewalk


The island of Maui is located approximately 5,000 miles from the original copy of the United States Constitution on display at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., but given the actions of the Maui Police Department, we might as well be five light years away. Don't believe me? Go stand on a sidewalk–any public sidewalk around the county will do. Chances are that you'll be in trouble if one of Maui's Finest happens upon you. In the … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Maui Police Announce State Health Director Loretta Fuddy’s Death Was ‘Accidental’


Apparently, Donald Trump was wrong all along. According to the Maui Police, state Health Director Loretta Fuddy died in a Dec. 11, 2013 plane crash off Molokai because of "cardiac arrhythmia" that resulted from "stress." Her death, according to MPD, was "accidental." Anyway, here's the press release we just received from the Maui PD: "On 12/11/13 at about 1537 hours, a Makani Kai Air, turboprop, airplane lost power off the island of Molokai … [Read more...]

UPDATED: New Details Emerge In Case Against Maui Police Officer Nelson Johnson

Nelson Johnson's booking photo

[NOTE: On Jan. 10, Jon Apo, Nelson Johnson's attorney, finally responded to my inquiry. His brief response is now part of the text below.] Maui Police Officer Nelson Johnson's arraignment on one count of inflicting bodily injury on a minor and two other counts of causing physical abuse on minors took place on Christmas Eve, a recent review of court records showed. What's more, the court records indicate that the two minors in question are a … [Read more...]

An Open Letter To Maui’s State Legislators Asking Them To Stop Exempting Bad Cops From The State Public Records Law


Dear Senators Roz Baker, J. Kalani English and Gil Keith-Agaran and Representatives Mele Carroll, Kaniela Ing, Angus McKelvey, Joe Souki, Justin Woodson and Kyle Yamashita: Wow, Opening Day comes around fast. Seems like it was only yesterday that you adjourned for the summer. But here we are: on Jan. 15–just a few days from now–you guys go back into regular session. And while I know you’ve probably got all sorts of important issues (and … [Read more...]

Someone Alert The Right Wing: Michelle Obama Apparently Hanging With Oprah In Kula


There are enough qualifications in this Maui News story on Michelle Obama's reported presence on island to swallow, well, Air Force One, but it would seem that Upcountry residents are seeing massive numbers of Maui Police cars because the First Lady is hanging with Oprah Winfrey in Kula. See, I just used the word "seem." Never can be too careful when dealing with unconfirmed information, I suppose. But The Maui News–and other news sources like … [Read more...]