A&B Announces $1.3 Million In Donations, Somehow Forgets To Mention Campaign Contributions

A&B's Honolulu headquarters

Leave it to Alexander & Baldwin to tell us what wonderful, charitable souls they are. On Apr. 29, the company sent out a news release saying that from July 2012 (when the company divested itself from Matson Navigation) to the end of 2013, their Kokua Giving Program had donated $1.3 million to various organizations dealing with health, education, culture and the arts. The news release quotes Meredith Ching, A&B's senior VP for … [Read more...]

How Rich Are Hawaii’s Congressional Representatives?


Yesterday the Center for Responsive Politics in Washington published a big online package about the personal financial status of all members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Their findings were pretty clear: "Of 534 current members of Congress, at least 268 had an average net worth of $1 million or more in 2012, according to disclosures filed last year by all members of Congress and candidates. The median net worth for the 530 … [Read more...]

In 2014 Hawaii Senate Race, Taranis Drone Favors Hanabusa Over Schatz


The year 2013 hasn’t even ended yet and The Maui News is already piling on the tired old political cliches for the upcoming 2014 election. “Hanabusa says she has ‘good ground game’ in Senate race” stated that paper’s Dec. 29 front page story (subscription required) on current Democratic Congressional Representative Colleen Hanabusa’s bid to unseat incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Brian Schatz. In the story Hanabusa told the paper (who referred … [Read more...]

2013 MauiTime Year In Review


Let’s call 2013 the Year of Ends. Ex-National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, who is now in exile in Russia after fleeing Hawaii with millions of secret documents, ended any feeling we had that the Obama Administration cared more about civil liberties than his predecessors. South African President Nelson Mandela’s death brought an end to a time when people actually seemed to like a world leader. The dark but popular television … [Read more...]

UPDATED: Three of Four Hawaii Congressional Members Agree–No Syria Strike

Released by Ensign Ashley Taylor USS Sterett Public Affairs Officer.

Wow, I seriously cannot believe we’re not already lobbing bombs and cruise missiles at Syria. I mean, that’s how the U.S. solves humanitarian disasters like chemical attacks in the middle of civil wars, right? By firing off high explosives into areas that may contain civilians? I mean, our invasion and occupation Iraq was a decade ago–more than enough time for everyone to forget what a complete disaster it was. What could go wrong? But then … [Read more...]

Super Special Weekly News Quiz On All Things Maui


1. According to an Aug. 25 Honolulu Star-Advertiser story, public schools in Hawaii will need a lot more money next year to cover budget items like payroll and supplies. How much money will the schools need? A. $14 million B. $24 million C. $34 million D. $44 million E. $54 million  2. On Saturday, Aug. 24, a government official visited the Waihe'e Coastal Dunes and Wetlands Refuge to talk of the need for our nation to immediately … [Read more...]

Hawaii Senators Hirono, Schatz Welcome Def. Sec. Hagel To Hawaii With Overused Buzzword

Hirono and Hagel

The word is "rebalance." I'm not really sure it's actually a word (outside jargon-laden military-political circles, that is), but it's apparently what's happening in U.S. strategy in the Pacific these days. Or needs to happen, I guess. I saw the word twice in two separate press releases last night concerning the same event: U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's visit yesterday to the Kaneohe Marine base on Oahu. Not surprisingly, both U.S. … [Read more...]

American Bar Association Honors Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii


Senator Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, has been chosen by the American Bar Association as one of five female attorneys to be honored with the 2013 Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Award. Beginning in 1991, the award recognizes the accomplishments of women lawyers who excel in their fields, opening the way for other women to follow. “The Margaret Brent Awards celebrate the extraordinary achievements of female lawyers who have significantly … [Read more...]

Lauren Campbell and Maui Organizing for Action Remind Us that Climate Change is Real and Should Be Addressed


Climate change is one of those issues that only affects certain people. Lauren Campbell, the Pacific Whale Foundation's Conservation Director, knows exactly which people. “If you eat, you breathe, or you drink water,” Campbell said, “you need to be concerned about climate change.” She has the facts and knows the science to back it up, too. On Wednesday, May 29, Campbell spoke at the Waikapu Community Center. Her presentation was coordinated … [Read more...]

This Wednesday, May 29: “Conversation on Climate Change” In Waikapu


The Earth’s atmospheric CO2 levels passed 400 parts per million (ppm) this month, and in doing so reached what is thought to be the highest CO2 concentration in the three million years—but what does that mean for us here on Maui? “Conversation on Climate Change,” an event hosted by Organizing for Action (OFA) on Wednesday, May 29 in Waikapu, hopes to address that question. The event will call attention to the urgency of climate change and the … [Read more...]