Hawaii Democratic Party’s GLBT Caucus Hands Out Primary Endorsements


With the Hawaii Primary Election just a couple weeks away, we're neck-deep in political endorsements. Here's a batch from the Hawaii Democratic Party's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Caucus. "The GLBT Caucus used a combination of surveys, candidate forums, and voting records to compile the list of supportive candidates," state's the caucus' July 18 news release on the endorsements. "Due to the number of supportive candidates the … [Read more...]

Super Unique MauiTime News Quiz!


Did everyone study for this week's MauiTime News Quiz? No? Good–that makes it more fun! 1. On July 7, state Senator and Democratic Governor candidate David Ige appeared at a campaign fundraiser at Binhi at Ani Maui in Kahului. According to a July 6 press release from Ige’s campaign, which former Hawaii governor was scheduled to appear with him? A. Linda Lingle B. George Ariyoshi C. Ben Cayetano D. John Waihee E. All of the … [Read more...]

More Than A Dozen Hawaii Officials Have Resigned Rather Than Disclose Their Financial Interests


So far, 14 members of state boards and commissions have resigned their posts rather than allow their Financial Disclosure Statements to become public, Honolulu Civil Beat reported today. So many have bailed, in fact, that Civil Beat reports the state Land Use Commission can no longer convene a quorum, meaning it's business has effectively stopped until new appointees (who, hopefully, believe in government transparency) can take over. Who these … [Read more...]

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie To Sign Bill Into Law That Removes Brewery Restrictions At New Maui Brewing Co. Facility In Kihei


If you happen to see Governor Neil Abercrombie in Kihei on Saturday–specifically, in or near the cavernous new Maui Brewing Co. facility being built on Lipoa Parkway–here's why: at noon, Abercrombie will sign SB 3042. Specifically, the bill removes the state's 30,000-barrel restriction on brew pub production. It also creates a new liquor license for small craft brew pubs. Holding the signing at the new Maui Brewing Co. brewery is no … [Read more...]

RIGHT NOW: Gov. Neil Abercrombie To Sign Good Juvenile Justice Bill


It's happening over on Oahu, but we thought you should know: at 1pm this afternoon in the Executive Office's Ceremonial Room, Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie is scheduled to sign HB 2116. This is a good bill. It prohibits giving juvenile offenders life sentences without the possibility of parole. While we don't believe that there are currently juveniles currently serving life sentences without parole here, until Abercrombie signs this bill it … [Read more...]

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie Kicks And Screams As He Lets Financial Disclosure Bill Become Law


So yesterday Governor Neil Abercrombie announced that he was rescinding his earlier intention to veto SB 2682–which adds to the list of public officials whose Financial Disclosure Statements are considered public documents–and will let the bill become law without his signature (the bill unaminously passed the Legislature). Abercrombie had earlier told Honolulu Civil Beat that the disclosure of those forms would be detrimental to women, but this … [Read more...]

No One Cares About Maui Police Internal Discipline Reports, Right?


So last week, The Maui News published another of those regular but all-too infrequent summaries of Maui Police discipline against its own. On June 24, the paper reported that the department busted five cops in March and April of this year, ranging in punishment from letters of reprimand to 10-day suspension and transfer–the latter of which fell on an officer for "breaching confidentiality and committing a criminal act in September." As usual, … [Read more...]

This Week’s News Quiz: Maui Musicians & Criminal Justice Bills

Gov. Neil Abercrombie

  1. Last week Hawaii News Now reported that this summer a local Maui musician will start teaching a songwriting class at University of Hawaii’s West Oahu campus. Who is the musician? A. George Kahumoku Jr. B. Willie K C. Paula Fuga D. Kanoa E. Tom Conway   2. Sundays are typically the biggest days of the week for daily newspapers. Which of these stories–all of which ran in The Maui News on Sunday, June … [Read more...]

Super Relevant MauiTime News Quiz!


1. On May 28, the Maui Humane Society (MHS) announced that Sandra Shelby would take over as their new executive director on July 15. But just 16 days later, on June 13, the MHS said that Shelby decided not to take the new job, and instead current MHS Development Director Jerleen Bryant would become exec director. According to the June 14 Maui News, how many people applied to be MHS exec director? A. “more than 50” B. “more than 70” C. … [Read more...]

The Evil Of Three Lessers: The 2014 Hawaii Governors’ Race


The state Office of Elections' list of candidates for the 2014 election lists 12 individuals running for governor. Looking over the names, we find three Democrats, two Republicans, one Libertarian, one Indpendent and four Non-Partisans. Ten of them hail from Oahu, and the remaining two list Hawaii Island as their home. The first to file was Khis Dejean Caldwell, a non-partisan in Honolulu, way back on Feb. 7, just four days after the filing … [Read more...]