Pacific Whale Foundation Starts New Fishing Line Recycling Effort


Of all the forms of trash that humans let collect in the ocean, monofilament fishing line is among the most insidious. According to a relatively recent National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) pamphlet called "Reeling in Marine Debris," old fishing line can "collect under­ water on pier pilings, posing a threat to animals that swim in and around them. This abandoned line can ghost fish – continue to catch marine species – for many … [Read more...]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST ACTIVITY COMPANY: Pacific Whale Foundation #BOM2013

Best Activity Company Pacific Whale Foundation Rooted in its mission of keeping whales, dolphins and the ocean itself safe from pollution, hunting and extinction, Pacific Whale Foundation is this year’s winner as the Best Activity Company. Advocacy, conservation and fun are all important parts to PWF’s method. Not only do guests have fun, but the proceeds go towards continued marine research and conservation efforts. The family-friendly ocean … [Read more...]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST COMMUNITY NON-PROFIT: Maui Food Bank #BOM2013

Best Community Non-Profit Maui Food Bank Our readers gave the nod to Maui Food Bank last year, and apparently saw no reason to change their minds this year. And why not? The place serves food to about 10,000 people every month–people on Maui who would otherwise go hungry. “A statewide network of suppliers allows the Maui Food Bank to turn each dollar donated into 6 lbs. of non-perishable groceries, as well as fresh produce, bread, meat, fish … [Read more...]

Lauren Campbell and Maui Organizing for Action Remind Us that Climate Change is Real and Should Be Addressed


Climate change is one of those issues that only affects certain people. Lauren Campbell, the Pacific Whale Foundation's Conservation Director, knows exactly which people. “If you eat, you breathe, or you drink water,” Campbell said, “you need to be concerned about climate change.” She has the facts and knows the science to back it up, too. On Wednesday, May 29, Campbell spoke at the Waikapu Community Center. Her presentation was coordinated … [Read more...]

This Wednesday, May 29: “Conversation on Climate Change” In Waikapu


The Earth’s atmospheric CO2 levels passed 400 parts per million (ppm) this month, and in doing so reached what is thought to be the highest CO2 concentration in the three million years—but what does that mean for us here on Maui? “Conversation on Climate Change,” an event hosted by Organizing for Action (OFA) on Wednesday, May 29 in Waikapu, hopes to address that question. The event will call attention to the urgency of climate change and the … [Read more...]

Why Does A Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council Member Want The Whales Removed From The Endangered Species List?


By Anthony Pignataro It’s hard to imagine these days–especially if you’re standing on any south or west-face Maui beach in the winter for more than a minute–but even just 50 years ago there were fewer than 1,500 humpback whales in the North Pacific. Whaling, which devastated whale populations around the world, had largely been banned around the world, but as a species, humpbacks hovered near extinction. It’s been on the official endangered … [Read more...]

Your MauiTime comprehensive guide to summer keiki activities, kids camps and more

Special thanks to Valley Isle Gymnastics and state gymnastics champion Austin Cablay. Photo created at the Hui No ‘eau Visual Arts Center by Sean M. Hower. Gone are the dog days of summer where our island children run amuck in the hot and dusty streets, walking to the beach with boogie boards or ride their bikes through town. Nowadays, summer means enrichment and extracurricular activities allowing youth to absorb rays of sunshine while … [Read more...]

2012 MauiTime Charity Gift Guide


And here we are at another holiday season on Maui. Radio stations start playing Jawaiian versions of old Christmas standards, the beaches started filling up with evermore tourists and store owners start lining their shelves with Santa in beach shorts trinkets. Oh, and the island’s nonprofit organizations–which increasingly have to take up the slack left when government shrinks at all levels–find that, once again, it has to do a little more with a … [Read more...]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST ENVIRONMENTAL NON-PROFIT: Pacific Whale Foundation @pacificwhale #BOM2012


For most people, Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF) is probably just a kickass whale watch service (they did also win BEST ACTIVITY, after all) but this non-profit organization also does what it can to help the endangered sea giants. Founded in 1980, PWF carries out research, but does its best work educating the public about the threats facing whales and the critical need to keep the whales from going extinct, which remains a real danger. “Pacific … [Read more...]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST ACTIVITY COMPANY: Pacific Whale Foundation #BOM2012

One of the advantages of living on an island in the Pacific Ocean is the vast number of sea critters that you have for neighbors. Get up close and personal with them with the help of the Pacific Whale Foundation. They can hook you up with a whale watch, snorkeling adventure, sunset cruise and more. And the best part is, they use your money to help protect marine life and research. Save the whales! 300 Ma'alaea Rd.; … [Read more...]