Inspired Art: Give the unique gift of a piece of art

The most unique gift you can offer a friend is a piece of original art. Head to galleries or art fairs for individual, hand-made works that will speak volumes and last a lifetime. Or just contact the artist directly, like MauiTime’s own Ron Pitts. Garth Marriott original art–Maui Hands, 612 Front St., Lahaina Lahaina Art Society Fine Art Fair, Dec 14 & 15 and Dec 28 & 29 under the Banyan Tree Ron Pitts–[email protected][Read more...]

Annual MauiTime Eh Brah Issue: Damn, Our Readers Hate Traffic!


More than half of drivers in Hawaii believe that people on the road are not as courteous as they were just five years ago, reports a new survey commissioned by First Insurance Company. What’s more, reported the Associated Press on June 26, a mere 18 percent of drivers still use the venerable shaka to acknowledge another driver’s courtesy. These stats were probably surprising to most residents, but not to the MauiTime staff. We read your Eh … [Read more...]

Eh Brah! Stop Hogging The Kula Tennis Courts!


Players at the Kula Tennis Courts: we have just as much right to play on courts as you do. You don’t own them, they are public courts. So please stop harassing us when we are there or asking others when we started playing. We’ll leave the courts when we’re done, just like you! You want a court? How about arriving earlier or later? And while we are at it, don’t blast your music on the courts–that’s rude to the other players. If you must have your … [Read more...]

Sideswiped in Kahului!


This is for the ass who sideswiped me as I was riding my bike one recent morning on Dairy Road in Kahului. You were leaving the parking lot next to McDonald’s with your phone in your hand (and clearly didn’t even look for people on bikes, like me) as you made your turn onto the road. You knocked me off my bike and then just kept going. I’m fortunate that the bruddah driving a van down the road was able to stop in time instead of running me over. … [Read more...]

Eh Brah: No Filming While Driving!


To the dude who thought he was ‘driving’ the black Mustang convertible down South Kihei Road: I know that you know the law says you can’t use the phone for texting and calling while driving. But in case you didn’t know, the law also says that you can’t use your phone to film the street ahead while you’re driving. And what part of standing up to get a better view while driving and filming doesn’t seem WRONG? The driver’s seat is for sitting! Oh, … [Read more...]

Eh Brah! Locker Room Pigs!


Why is it that every time you guys come into the gym to use the sauna and locker room it’s always a pig sty after you leave? It’s OK if you live this way at home, but we don’t want or need to see the garbage you leave lying on the floor even though there is a garbage can placed every five feet. Still, you take plastic bottles and paper towels into the sauna (where they never should be) and leave them. You think we want to touch the paper towel … [Read more...]

Stop the Restaurant Slander!


OK, we get it. You’re angry. After numerous warnings and suspensions, you finally managed to get yourself fired from the restaurant. Now someone has to pay. The truth is, your former employer dealt with the health violation, and now that’s old news. So please stop with the Facebook slander, the misleading emails to newspapers and the anonymous calls to the Health Department. This behavior is only hurting your former friends and co-workers, not … [Read more...]

Stop Yelling At Your Beautiful Girlfriend!


Eh Brah! You look really cool yelling at your beautiful girlfriend in public. It really makes you look like you’re in control of your pathetic, plaid wearing, illiterate, comb-less life of yours. It’s no surprise that you’re too busy “crying over spilled milk” to notice that the incoming phone call from “MOM” is coincidentally the same phone number as your girl’s future boyfriend. I’m sorry to interrupt your very important rampage, but it looks … [Read more...]

Eh Brah!


Hey you, middle-aged frumpy gal: You sit on your lanai and chain-smoke all day which means all of your neighbors have to smell your nasty cigarette smoke. We also love watching you fling your lung cookies off the balcony throughout the day. And we can hardly wait for you to go to sleep so we can lie in our beds listening to your cough and hack all night. Please go inside with your trash habits! Illustration by Ron Pitts … [Read more...]

Eh Brah!


A smash and grab on a fruit stand cash box? That’s low, brah. The guy sells huge, buttery avos for 50 cents and starfruit for a dime. I could get a bag of fruit there for pocket change, and it’s walking distance from my house. And since you robbed him, he has stopped supplying the stand. Yeah, you put him out of business. And you got what, 10 dollars out of it? Not even enough for a 12-pack. You suck at life, brah, I hope you get blindsided by a … [Read more...]