Eviction Notice: The Zombies Are Mulitplying


As of April 19th, 2010, a new law banning shopping carts and unauthorized tents at Oahu parks will go into effect.  As punishment for an infraction, violators could be charged $500, be imprisoned for up to 30 days, or both. Last week, I unfortunately had to take a little venture to Oahu, my least favorite place in the world.  This prejudice of mine is unjustified; I love cities elsewhere, but Honolulu grates on my nerves. In an attempt to pass … [Read more...]

New Business Opportunity: Fight the Candy Nazis


A bill that will ban candy and ice-cream at Hawaii Public schools is close to being passed.  It seems like a good idea...teachers, currently underpaid and being asked to somehow teach kids without holding class on Fridays, would probably appreciate their students at least not being hyped up during math class.  It will make things a little harder for the 7th graders trying to get their sugar fix.  Although, I  must say, I think 7th graders … [Read more...]

Royal Fun


Iolani Palace is now open Mondays to accommodate the upward swing of visitors, up 4.8 percent since 2008.  This cultural hot-spot raked in $930,580 in ticket sales in 2009.  Iolani Palace is lucky to enjoy such a hearty economic boost while visitor arrivals to Hawaii decreased 4.5 percent in 2009.  Iolani Palace is also now offering free monthly Kamaaina Sunday Tours. Perhaps the increased visits to Iolani Palace does not so much relate to … [Read more...]

No Dice! Gambling Bill Nixed.


A Honolulu Advertiser Article by Derrick DePledge just announced the demise of a Gambling Legalization bill.  Thank you.  Apparently, lawmakers will  not stoop to opening casinos on Oahu as a last ditch effort to generate money and jobs.  Or, to be more accurate, certain groups have put a hold on the proceedings- including business leaders, social service providers, law enforcement, and religious groups.  The House Finance Committee won't even … [Read more...]

Hawaii Sports Commission – What’s That?

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Got a problem? I've got a solution... form a committee. At the end of January, the Senate introduced a bill proposing the formation of a "Hawaii Sports Commission" which would basically try to promote sports events within the state. Our temporary loss of the pro-bowl was  yet another hard hit for our state economy.  In 2009, the Pro-Bowl provided a welcome $28 million boost to our economy, and this year, the pro-bowl will not affect the … [Read more...]

Cockfights into Casinos

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    Hawaii State Law prohibits gambling of any kind, along with only one other state, Utah.  No Indian Reservations here either, so on paper Hawaii has a squeaky clean gambling reputation.  Of course, just about everyone has a neighbor with a few violent chickens ready to be egged into gladiator battles.  So would the public have a problem with the legitimization of an already wide-spread phenomena, minus the animal cruelty factor, by … [Read more...]

Pretty in Pink


Hawaii is going "Legally Blonde" on us and plans on decking out all new licenses in pink gradients and rainbows.  Post a rainbow on a car bumper in any other state in the USA and it signifies gay pride, here it is simply our staple image... Basically, we can have rainbows or spam-musubis as our image.  Considering the reputation of being "hick" food that SPAM has in that big, scary place called the 'mainland,' rainbows might be a better choice … [Read more...]

Cheaaa! Bombing down Haleakala!


It's early Friday evening, and I am lying on the couch flipping channels, when a friend, who I am currently furious with, calls my cell and "Wonderwall" starts to play. Do I answer it? I let it ring a few times... "Hey." I say in a non-committal tone, "I...I'm bleeding...I might pass out...I, I just needed to call someone." (The anger evaporates.) "What happened? Are you OK?" "I was skateboarding down the road behind Seabury and I … [Read more...]

So Close Yet So Far: Veto-proof Civil Unions bill?


The majority of our State Senate is in favor of passing a civil-unions bill, but there are a few roadblocks being thrown up right now in our government. First of all, the democratic senators who are advocating the bill want to pass it through without risking the possibility of a veto. Currently, the bill has written that it would take effect on January 1st, 2010, which is about three weeks ago at this point. Though it seems like a ridiculous … [Read more...]

$202 Tropical Getaways


Last week, hotels got a little fuller... rates of occupancy on the island of Maui rose from 61.3 percent to 71.6. Still not exactly flowing over the brim, but things are looking up. However, rates are 17.1% lower than they were the same time last year. The average price of Maui hotel rooms is now $202/ night. It's a good change for us... it's ok to have more tourists here who are paying less for their rooms, because they will still spend in … [Read more...]