Eh Crazy Dolphin Lady!

17.44.EH BRAH

Eh, crazy dolphin lady: you started coming around our beautiful South Maui bay. You go after the spinner dolphin pod, frantically swimming towards them, chasing them, trying to touch them and even hitch a ride by grabbing their dorsal fins. Seriously, you’re a menace. Dolphins are great ambassadors of love, but sometimes humans who lack of love in their lives–like, I’m guessing, you–are drawn to them to fill a void in their lives. Sorry, but the … [Read more...]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST AUTO MECHANIC: Kihei Automotive #BOM2013

Best Auto Mechanic Kihei Automotive Our readers say these guys are the most trusted mechanics on Maui for every type of automotive repair, from brake service and suspension to computer diagnostics and AC repair. All of the top-notch mechanics create a professional and clean environment that can’t be beat. Kihei Automotive also offers a special $34.95 oil change deal and a free South Maui shuttle service for their customers. With a priority for … [Read more...]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST COUNTY OFFICIAL: Elle Cochran #BOM2013

Best County Official Elle Cochran For yet another consecutive year, our readers have decided that Maui County Councilmember Elle Cochran is the county’s best public official. Though she’s only been in office since 2010, Cochran made a name for herself fighting to preserve Lipoa Point as part of the Save Honolua Coalition. With the state Legislature voting this year to buy the point from the Maui Land & Pineapple Company (which last summer … [Read more...]

Oahu Blogger Ian Lind Posts Great Photos of Pre-Wailea Keawakapu Beach, Circa 1960

Makena Road, August 1960. Past Keawakapu it was dirt roads and keawe trees.

The caption for the above photo comes courtesy of blogger Ian Lind: "Makena Road, August 1960. Past Keawakapu it was dirt roads and keawe trees." Today Lind posted a treasure trove of photos of South Maui–specifically, Keawakapu–from a time before Wailea's carefully manicured lawns, luxury resorts and million-dollar condos. The images are taken from slides, taken by Helen Yonge Lind, and are not in the best of shape. But they also show what … [Read more...]

Eh Fishing Hog!


Eh brah–Did you know that the beaches here are for everybody to share? I’ve watched you down at the Maui Lu beach seven days a week, running at least five fishing poles. You’re taking up the entire beach! Next time I decide to fish there, I’ll just muscle my way in and cast right next to your gear. Guarans ball bearings I’ll catch more than you! Illustration by Ron Pitts … [Read more...]

Too Much Whale Day Trash!


Whale Day is about helping people understand the aina and its wildlife and how better to protect all that we hold dear. So when I came out of my house across from the library and all the whale day floats were unloading in front of my driveway and blocking the road, I understood because it’s only for the one day. But when you left plenty cardboard rubbish all over the road blowing towards the same ocean you were ostensibly trying to protect, I got … [Read more...]

Even After Interim Rate Hike, MECO Providing Less Than Stellar Service

Yeah Tom, we're stumped, too.

In case you were wondering, that little power outage the other day in Kihei–the one that cut power to 13,000 South Maui customers for not quite an hour on Wednesday afternoon–was due to "An inadvertently closed switch at a substation," according to a blurb in today's Maui News. According to the story, "[a]n investigation of the power blackout determined that, during testing of substation equipment at MECO's Kealahou substation, a switch was … [Read more...]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST TOWN TO LIVE IN: Kihei #BOM2012


This is a tough one. Kihei isn’t exactly a walkable town–sidewalks are rare and portions of South Kihei Road more closely resemble a street racing course than a local thoroughfare–and it’s pretty much the best definition of “urban sprawl” I’ve yet found in Hawaii. Indeed, much of the South Maui coast is hidden from view behind rows of Kihei condominiums. And yet, so many people are moving to Kihei that land developers are preparing to put up … [Read more...]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST SWIMMING BEACH: Big Beach #BOM2012

Big Beach is pretty straightforward. It's a big beach. The biggest beach on Maui, in fact (almost two-thirds of a mile long and 100 yards wide). But that's not the only reason why it's the best swimming beach: the crystal blue water and endless golden sands make it quite a looker, too. Unlike North Shore beaches, Big Beach doesn't get slammed with wind in the afternoon, making for a pleasant on-shore experience. It's popular with locals and … [Read more...]

MauiTime Best of Maui BEST OUT OF BUSINESS BUSINESS: Wokstar #BOM2012


Yeah, Wokstar–South Maui’s best noodle house–closed back in October 2011 (there’s a King’s in its place now). But Wokstar was more than a place to get fried rice, noodles, potstickers and the most amazing, delicious jaffel sandwiches around–it was a gathering place where locals, visitors, Maui Roller Girls and clubbers trying to stave off drunkeness could hang until midnight, eating delicious food and having lots of fun. But it’s gone now, and … [Read more...]