Lahaina Arts Society Honors George Allan as Living Treasure

George Allan award recipient courtesy LAS

On June 25, the Lahaina Arts Society (LAS) held their annual meeting and celebration at Lahaina’s Pioneer Inn. Each year, LAS honors one of their members with a Living Treasure Award to recognize that individual’s outstanding service to the organization. This year’s recipient is Maui artist George Allan, who has helped shape the society through his contributions over the past 40 years. During the award ceremony, LAS president Michael Stark … [Read more...]

State Health Department Fines HC&S $1.3 Million For Alleged Emissions, Reporting Violations


There’s nothing sweet about the trouble Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar (HC&S) is now in. On June 24, the state Department of Health’s Clean Air Branch announced that it was fining the only sugar mill left in the state more than $1.3 million for alleged violations in emissions and reporting from 2009 to 2013 at its Pu‘unene sugar mill. That’s pretty sour news. Though Rick Volner, Jr., the mill’s general manager, wasted no time sending out … [Read more...]

News Quiz: Maui Proclamations, Closed Restaurants and Alleged Sexual Harassment

17.51_quiz_Mayor_Alan Arakawa

1. Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa signs a lot of proclamations, but on June 2, he signed one that, for Maui at least, was a bit unusual. What did it proclaim for the week of June 2-8? A. National Dairy Cow Week B. National Dandruff Prevention Week C. National Mixed Martial Arts Appreciation Week D. National Hemp History Week E. National Map-Makers Week   2. Yet another well-established restaurant on Maui has closed. Which … [Read more...]

Equality Hawaii Foundation: 1,417 Same-Sex Couples Married In Hawaii In Last Six Months


Of the 9,640 marriages registered in the State of Hawaii since the state legalized same-sex marriage on Dec. 2, 2013, 1,417 of those have been same-sex couples, according to a May 15 news release from Equality Hawaii Foundation. The news release, which is based on data gathered by the state Department of Health (DOH), calls the 1,417 figure "impressive." "While we don't measure rights in monetary terms, [this data] confirms economic studies … [Read more...]

ACLU Sues State of Hawaii Over Lame Protest Permit Requirements


You may know the Hawaii chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) from such recent civil rights battles as the war over whether citizens can carry signs on public roads in the County of Maui (settled in October 2013!), distribute religious literature on public sidewalks (still pending!) and whether a county employee can administer a blog that satirizes a Maui cop (also still pending!). That was all fun and good and necessary–assuming … [Read more...]

Talking Story With New County Auditor Lance Taguchi About His Plans, Resources and Why It’s Taking So Long For Him To Get Started


One of the little observed results of the 2012 election on Maui was the decisive approval of a Charter Commission proposal calling for a County Auditor. While not the sexiest job around, a decisive majority of voters (54 percent to 29 percent) voted to bring Maui County into the 20th century and hire an independent auditor–a person whose sole job is to investigate county departments and make sure they’re working honestly and efficiently. Of … [Read more...]

Maui County Councilmember Mike White Goes Crazy, Proposes County Adopt Anti-Nepotism Policy

We couldn't believe it either, but it's right there on the hearing agenda for the Monday, July 15 hearing of the Maui County Council's Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. Granted, the item is the last thing on the meeting agenda, but still. Labeled PIA-25 NEPOTISM POLICY, the agenda states that the "purpose of the proposed bill is to create a Nepotism Policy for the County." Let's be clear here: nepotism is when, say, you have sons … [Read more...]

State of Hawaii Throws Book At Tricia Morris of Hawaii’s Premiere Mortgage Co.


We’ve known for about the past six months that times have definitely gotten tough for Tricia Morris, probably Maui’s most famous mortgage broker. That the island could even have something called a “most famous mortgage broker” is testament both to Morris’ marketing savvy and the extent to which the real estate bubble from a few years ago consumed Maui. In any case, Morris’ career apparently mirrored the nation’s own experiences with subprime … [Read more...]

2013 MauiTime Green Issue


Where environmental matters are concerned, Maui these days is a place of great contradictions. As a relatively tiny rock in the middle of the vast Pacific, the island has extremely limited landfill potential–a reality everyone here is well aware of–yet the County of Maui’s curbside recycling program remains an isolated experiment. So-called “zero emission” electric cars, though still just a small percentage of vehicles on the road, are … [Read more...]

What The State Of Hawaii Intends To Do About The Time A Fake Reef Attacked A Real Coral Reef At Keawakapu


Sometimes it’s the smallest stories in a newspaper that prove the most interesting. On Jan. 5, I was skimming through The Maui News when I found the small, unbylined article “DLNR to present plan for repairing coral off Kihei” on page A3. The headline is unremarkable, but the story below it was anything but. I had no idea that on Dec. 2, 2009 (according to a 110-page report on the subject written by Honolulu-based Planning Solutions, Inc.–click … [Read more...]