Buying Friends, Awful Ice Cream and Breast Deodorant


As usual, here's the round-up on the weirdest events from around the world... THE PRICE OF FRIENDSHIP "Whoever said, 'Money can't buy you friends' clearly hasn't been on the Internet recently," wrote The New York Times in April, pointing to various social media support services that create online superstars by augmenting one's Facebook "friends," Twitter "followers" and Instagram "likes." The reporter described how, by paying a company $5, … [Read more...]

MauiTime Book of Lists


  Compiled by Anthony Pignataro and Anu Yagi Everyone likes lists, right? David Letterman's Top Ten, the Chicago Seven, the Forbes 400, the Indianapolis 500–wait, that last one might not be right. Anyway, we seem to enjoy reading about stuff in list form because it's fast and easy, which is why we decided to do this, our first ever Official MauiTime Book of Lists. We thought that compiling a bunch of lists would be a lot less work than … [Read more...]

Kula Kid #44: “Kingdom Come”

Camping vs. Cryptkeeper

"Kingdom Come" [MauiTime, -- May 26, 2011 -- Volume 14; Issue 49] by Anu Yagi (@anuheayagi on Twitter) *** “False prophets will rise and show signs of wonders to deceive... / Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is." – Mark 13:22-33 It’s Friday night in Hawaii, well past doomsday in Kiribati (i.e. the island nation that's easternmost edge nudges the International Date Line). The pious members of my ‘ohana are not … [Read more...]

Governor Lingle Vetoes Civil Union Bill HB444

MauiTime's cover from March 2008, back when the legislature were the ones with no spine. (Photo by Sean Michael Hower)

A few hours ago, Gov. Linda Lingle announced she will veto civil union bill HB444. We'll explore her reasoning (or lack thereof) in much more depth soon, here, at and in our print edition. For now, suffice it to say we are saddened but not stunned. Twitter has blown up at the news, with the vast majority of posts being pro-civil unions and anti-Lingle. MauiTime got in on the action when Publisher Tommy Russo posted a photo of the … [Read more...]

Staying Connected at MauiTime Tweet Up


We joked in the first five minutes that the tweet up was running on MauiTime because our German visitors (@hawaiitwentyten) were the first to show up at 11:50 (five minutes early). But the meeting got rolling to over twenty tweeters quite quickly.Our initial goals were to learn about and write down at least two to four handles and personalities, but everyone far outreached that goal quickly. We chatted up familiar and unfamiliar twitter friends, … [Read more...]

Tsunami Official Says it Looks Like We Dodged a Bullet


Though we haven't gotten official confirmation, all signs point to this being a near miss for Maui and Hawaii. A representative with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center told the Honolulu Star-Bulletin that it appears Hawaii "dodged a bullet." Reports of roads opening in South and Central Maui were also coming in via Twitter. A more complete analysis of the state and County response will be forthcoming, but initially it looks like the tsunami … [Read more...]

Twitter Updates for 2009-10-06

Little more than an hour remains to get your County Fair fix! Hurry up and get your grindz! # Powered by Twitter Tools … [Read more...]

Twitter Updates for 2009-10-05

New MauiDish post: Fried Twinkie at da Maui County Fair # Powered by Twitter Tools … [Read more...]

Twitter Updates for 2009-10-01

New issue is online before it hits the streets for you early birds: # New event post: Pa'ia Tattoo Parlor Grand Opening: Thursday, October 1st # Powered by Twitter Tools … [Read more...]

Twitter Updates for 2009-09-30

Khon update from Kirk Matthews says an investigation is underway to determine if there is a threat of tsunami for the state # New MauiDish post: Tsunami Warning for State of Hawaii mauitsunami # New event post: Impromptu Tour of the Q 103.7 Studios # Compliments of the always entertaining and informative Shaggy. Lovin Wailiuku peeps. Speaking of which, Cafe Marc Aurel has their OpenMicNOW # Anu just had … [Read more...]