Is The Spearpoint Trevor Carter And Bryan Axtell Found In Haleakala National Park Evidence That Pre-Contact Hawaiians Visited South America?


The story you’re about to read exists because a small, green-gold chunk of obsidian exists. And because that piece of obsidian–chipped and shaped by hands unknown into a beautiful, elegant arrowhead shape–exists, a young man Upcountry now gets nervous when the phone rings. He does so, he says, because agents with the National Park Service who work at Haleakala National Park have taken to behaving like the U.S. Government at the end of Raiders of … [Read more...]

An Open Letter To Maui’s State Legislators Asking Them To Stop Exempting Bad Cops From The State Public Records Law


Dear Senators Roz Baker, J. Kalani English and Gil Keith-Agaran and Representatives Mele Carroll, Kaniela Ing, Angus McKelvey, Joe Souki, Justin Woodson and Kyle Yamashita: Wow, Opening Day comes around fast. Seems like it was only yesterday that you adjourned for the summer. But here we are: on Jan. 15–just a few days from now–you guys go back into regular session. And while I know you’ve probably got all sorts of important issues (and … [Read more...]

University of Hawaii Launches New Boat Drone To Protect Harbors From Spills, Tsunamis and Us


Hawaii stands at the forefront of a new technological revolution in the field of boat drones, states an Oct. 16 press release from the University of Hawaii. The release came emailed with plenty of full-color photos of a new experimental boat drone (sorry–"robotic platform") that the university hopes will "support maritime missions in harbor and port environments." To be honest, our first thought upon seeing the above photo and reading the … [Read more...]

Frontline Eviscerates NFL On Players’ Brain Injuries – Long Live Football!


Football is a major part of life in America, and especially here in Hawaii. Our state lacks pro teams in any of the major leagues, so the University of Hawaii provides sports/entertainment uniting threads that help bind our islands together. Here on Maui, high school football carries the same near-mythic importance as that of just about all the other small towns on the Mainland. That's why it was especially jarring to see Frontline's latest … [Read more...]

Big Scientific Space Surveillance Conference Happening On Maui! Right Now!


First, a note about the headline: by "space surveillance," I mean the act of looking out at space, not the placing of satellites in space to look at us (though, as anyone who reads the papers knows, there's plenty of that going on). And by "space," I mean Earth orbit, because apparently that's just a gigantic junkyard. There are, currently, an estimated half a million manmade objects in Earth orbit. That figure comes to me from a press release … [Read more...]

Should The ‘Exciting’ New UH Research About Mercury Levels In Fish Caught in Hawaiian Waters Concern You?


It’s not everyday that we get a press release that contains the words “exciting” and “mercury” in the same sentence. But that’s what happened a couple weeks ago, and we have the University of Hawaii public information office to thank for it. “Mercury–a common industrial toxin–is carried through the atmosphere before settling on the ocean and entering the marine food web,” stated the Aug. 26 press release. “Now, exciting new research from the … [Read more...]

Hawaii Digital Newspaper Projects Archives Old Pacific Commercial Advertiser


Even before the so-called digital revolution, newspapers were curious things. Because they were chronicling “news”–which is, by definition, a fleeting, temporary thing–they came printed on very cheap, very temporary paper. If properly cared for, paper can last for centuries, but newspapers were always meant to get tossed after a day or so. Far from an insult, the term “yesterday’s news” is a cold reality in the journalism business. Maybe that’s … [Read more...]

New UH Manoa Research: Apparently Female Tiger Sharks Like To Raise Pups In Hawaiian Waters


Shark sitings and bites (one of them tragically fatal) have been in the local news a lot lately. Given that they've lived in the ocean many, many millions of years longer than we've been dipping our little toes into the waves, bad interactions between sharks and humans have always been a reality. Now new research from the University of Hawaii says that some sharks–specifically female tiger sharks–may specifically be migrating from the … [Read more...]

What Will UH Professor Richard Zeebe’s Evidence That Climate Change Will Be More Severe Than Scientists Thought Mean For Hawaii And Society?


You should go to the beach today. It doesn’t have to be Ka'anapali or Wailea Beach either–Ho'okipa, Baldwin or Ukumehame will do. It doesn’t need to be a long trip, requiring you to bake for eight hours under the sun’s UV radiation. A quick trip will be fine–just for enough time to appreciate the wonders of the shoreline. Take off your slippers and stand in the sand a few minutes. Walk into the shallows and let the ocean water lap around your … [Read more...]

New University of Hawaii Study Finally Shows Treated Sewage Injected In Ground At Lahaina Wastewater Facility Migrates To Kahekili Beach


Locals call it Airport Beach, but its true Hawaiian name is Kahekili Beach, which honors the the last king of Maui. Located just north of Black Rock on the Westside, Kahekili Beach is a gorgeous stretch of white sand that’s popular with sunbathers, swimmers, snorkelers and divers. The beach would exemplify everything natural and wonderful about Maui’s shoreline, except for one small problem: a new University of Hawaii study says submarine … [Read more...]