Hunt Development Group To Build 68 ‘Luxury’ Homes In Kihei


The photo above is in jest, but not by much. Just when you thought South Maui had all the "luxury" homes it needed, Hunt Development Group went and broke ground on a few dozen more. On Oct. 6, the company held a groundbreaking and blessing ceremony at the site of their new Nu'u Aina development, which is located mauka of Pi'ilani Highway near the Maui Research and Technology Park in Kihei. "The project will offer 68 luxury residences … [Read more...]

AMOS Space Surveillance Conference Coming Soon To Maui


Not sure if you know this, but Maui is the place to be for people who work in what's known as space surveillance. Basically, that's anyone (corporate and military) who works at locating and tracking objects in Earth orbit–stuff we launched up there (both active and debris) as well as asteroids and other rocks that end up there. It may sound like Buck Rogers stuff, but given this nation's low number starships, most of those working in the field … [Read more...]

Nooo! Climate Change Might Ruin Future Hawaiian Vacations!


Every few months, it seems, some University of Hawaii scientist puts out a new report giving us more bad news about climate change. In October 2012, four UH researchers published a report saying the trade winds that make life so pleasant–and possible–in Hawaii are steadily decreasing. Four months later, UH researchers published a study showing that climate change would most likely doom the Haleakala Silversword. Then in August 2013, UH climate … [Read more...]

Shark Attacks: How worried should we be about recent bites and fatalities on Maui?


By Jacob Shafer They come out of nowhere. Every shark bite story is unique but that’s the thread that connects them all, like a trail of blood in the water. One second you’re surfing, swimming, paddling, whatever, and the next you’re staring down the wrong end of one of nature’s most voracious killers. Some get lucky, escaping with a few gnarly scars and the mother of all fish stories. Like Evonne Cashman, a 56-year-old retired teacher from … [Read more...]

2013 MauiTime Gift Guide

By Jen Russo and Sarah Gerlach By now, we’re all much too familiar with the horror stories of Christmas shopping. Big Box retailers here and on the Mainland are cramped, frantic places even with the holiday pressure. Why do we put up with endless lines in parking lots and checkstands, to say nothing of aisles and aisles filled with junk made largely by poor people thousands of miles away working for giant multinational corporations that are only … [Read more...]

Olfactory Finds: Give the Gift of Maui Scents

The sensation of smell is very strong, and can evoke especially vivid memories and emotions. Go intimate by gifting a vial of delicious vanilla and tropical Bootzie Oil in a charming pink satin bag. The oil has a luxurious smell developed by Maui Girl Bootzie. Or if the gift of aromatherapy is more what you’re looking for, a bottle of Gemelixir is a special blend of essential oils and gemstones that creates a spray to initiate transformations in … [Read more...]

Blown Away: Makai Glass Art Gifts

Stop by the Makai Glass Creations workshop and get blown away by the mystic performance of hot glass in action. The Maui-inspired sculpture captures big ocean wave curls and tiny pineapple bottle stops to life-sized conch shells. No matter what these artisans create, all the work demonstrates the intricacies of their colored fragile medium. Makai Glass Creations, 903 Hal‘iimaile Rd.; 808-269-8255; Fine Artists Craft Fair–The … [Read more...]

Cooling Spa Treatments to Beat Tropical Heat

Though the dog days of summer may be behind us, just because Sept. 22 has passed doesn't mean Mother Nature has mercy on the tropics. If you’re fed up with the steamy temperatures, it may be time to spend some down-time at the spa. Here are some treatments that can take the heat off:   Rain Massage, Spa Grande Wailea Nothing sounds cooler than a rainy day, and Spa Grande’s Rain Massage will make a cool splash. Relax to the sound of … [Read more...]

Community Raises Nearly $100K for Maui Culinary Academy

This year's annual Noble Chef benefit for the Maui Culinary Academy at the University of Hawaii Maui College exceeded its goals with nearly $100,000 in funds raised. The 17th annual fundraiser, held Oct. 26 in Wailea, amassed the money to help support program development and growth of the award-winning Culinary Academy. The money also will be earmarked to support the Noble Chef Scholarship Endowment fund. The Noble Chef event–which features a … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Mokulele Aircraft That Landed In Wailea Had 2009 Accident On Molokai


At about 7pm this evening a Cessna 208B commuter aircraft operated by Mokulele Airlines made an emergency landing on Pi'ilani Highway in Wailea near the Kilohana intersection. According to this Maui News story, the plane's eight passengers and two pilots were all safe and accounted for. Most of the photos published of the plane (including the one I took) showed emergency personnel standing in front of the plane's tail or "N" number. But this … [Read more...]