The 13 Scariest People On Maui


  Why go to horror movies with serial killers and demons when you’ve got plenty of frightening characters right here on Maui? Here’s a baker’s dozen of scary public officials, criminals and cops who will haunt you long after Halloween ends… 13. MELE CARROLL Democrat Mele Carroll, who has represented East Maui, Lanai and Molokai in the state House of Representatives since 2005, is one of those back-benchers who’d otherwise serve out … [Read more...]

This Wed., Sept. 4: Hearing in Judge Cardoza’s Court on Motion to Dissolve WMSA

And now friends, it seems that we've finally come to the closing act of that great Shakespearean tragedy known as the Wailuku Main Street Association (WMSA). At 8:30am on Wed., Sept. 4, Deputy Attorney General Hugh Jones and architect Tom Cannon–the last man standing from the old WMSA hierarchy–will appear in Judge Joseph Cardoza's Second Circuit Court hearing room and end the  drama over the now-disgraced non-profit organization and legally … [Read more...]

Maui County Councilman Mike White’s Nepotism Bill Now Exempts County Council


We’ve been kicking around Maui County Council member Mike White a lot lately for the attention he tends to lavish on organizations he’s cozy with (like the Maui Visitors Bureau and SPCA Maui) as well as the sudden righteousness he’s shown in his desire to “investigate” Mayor Alan Arakawa’s administration over the old Wailuku Post Office demolition. But these last few weeks, White’s actually been trying to do something genuinely progressive in the … [Read more...]

Wailuku Main Street Association Board Chairman Tom Cannon Stays Classy As His Organization Disintegrates Around Him


It's hard to remember now, but there was a time when the non-profit Wailuku Main Street Association (WMSA) was a respected, helpful voice in the development of Maui's small towns. But these days, with the state Attorney General's investigation of the organization (which began after WMSA officials refused to give a clear accounting to the County of Maui of how they were spending the nearly quarter of a million dollars in county tax dollars they … [Read more...]

Hawaii Attorney General Asks Wailuku Main Street Assoc. President Tom Cannon To Dissolve Embattled Organization


This week the situation at the embattled Wailuku Main Street Association, the once mighty community nonprofit that's been under fire for all manner of alleged violations and impropriety, got a whole lot worse. On Tuesday, May 21, Deputy Attorney General Hugh Jones–whose office has been investigating allegations against WMSA since early 2012–emailed WMSA Board Chairman* Tom Cannon the electronic equivalent of a gun with just one bullet in the … [Read more...]

‘I’m Just The Executive Director’ – What I Learned From Wailuku Main Street Association Exec. Dir. Jocelyn Perreira’s Sworn Testimony


For more than a quarter century, the nonprofit organization Wailuku Main Street Association has employed Jocelyn Perreira as its executive director. Her name and that of WMSA–which has long subsisted on a steady diet of County of Maui funds, to the tune of $243,000 a year or so–have been intertwined for just as long. As have stories of her running WMSA meetings as well as bullying citizens and public officials. So I wasn't surprised at all to … [Read more...]

Breaking: Judge Joseph Cardoza Orders Wailuku Main Street Association To Comply With Hawaii Attorney General Subpoena


It took about 45 minutes for Judge Joseph Cardoza to rule that Wailuku Main Street Association (WMSA) needs to comply with the Hawaii Attorney General's second subpoena, which focuses on financial records still held by the embattled nonprofit organization. "This is a shuttered public charity," Deputy Attorney General Hugh Jones said during the hearing, which focused solely on the issue of subpoena compliance–not on the larger issue of whether … [Read more...]

On Eve of Wailuku Main Street Association’s Day in Court, WMSA Chairman & Deputy Attorney General Trade Wordy Responses


Finally, after months of waiting, the embattled Wailuku Main Street Association, which has been under withering fire from the state Attorney General’s office for serious mismanagement allegations and is due in court tomorrow (that’s Wednesday, Dec. 5), has finally released a full, point-by-point defense. The 84-page response (which is actually two separate documents) to Deputy Attorney General Hugh Jones’ blistering Aug. 30, 2012 report on WMSA … [Read more...]

County of Maui Calling For RFP’s To Divide Up Old Wailuku Main Street Association Grant Money


Now that the County of Maui isn't spending nearly a quarter million dollars every year on the Wailuku Main Street Association (WMSA), which is under investigation by the state Attorney General's office for mismanagement, it's now able to offer that money to organizations island-wide. On Nov. 23, the county sent out a press release advertising a Request for Proposals for $243,000 (the same amount as the old WMSA grant) worth of grant money for … [Read more...]

Wailuku Main Street Association Board Chairman Tom Cannon Puts Thumbs In Ears And Wags Fingers When Maui County Officials Ask For More Documents


Just when you thought that giant heap of hurt the Wailuku Main Street Association (WMSA) went and leaped into couldn't get any bigger (and that heap already includes a subpoena from the State Attorney General's office and a Dec. 5 court date), we've obtained a couple letters from October showing the county's most controversial nonprofit has threatened to sue the County of Maui (click here to read the letters). In mid-October, Maui County … [Read more...]