Special MauiTime Weekly News Quiz


1. Last week, Pacific Biodiesel announced that it would be closing its Central Maui Landfill facility, which it’s operated for the last 20 years. What was the company’s reason, according to the Apr. 4 Pacific Business News? A. Compliance with County regulations required expensive upgrades and multiple permits B. The company always intended to close it at this time C. It’s more efficient to process biodiesel on the Big Island D. The … [Read more...]

MauiTime Exclusive Fashion Interview with Teri Edmonds of If The Shoe Fits

 Teri Edmonds, Owner  If The Shoe Fits, Maui 21 N. Market St, Wailuku, HI 96793 808-249-9710 [email protected]   Website: www.teriedmonds.com Facebook: If The Shoe Fits   How many years experience in the industry? 12   How did you get your start in the Fashion Design and/or retail industry? When was this? Did you have any formal training? I opened ITSF in 2001.  Created Hot Biskit Hawaii, my shoe … [Read more...]

2013 MauiTime Gift Guide

By Jen Russo and Sarah Gerlach By now, we’re all much too familiar with the horror stories of Christmas shopping. Big Box retailers here and on the Mainland are cramped, frantic places even with the holiday pressure. Why do we put up with endless lines in parking lots and checkstands, to say nothing of aisles and aisles filled with junk made largely by poor people thousands of miles away working for giant multinational corporations that are only … [Read more...]

Ladies Wear – The original gift of Maui Designed Clothing

Get the ladies the latest looks by local designers. Maui Thing is on top of it with their Aloha tees and ingenious tanks and dresses that come in styles perfect for all ages–on Maui and off. Handmade digs by more than a few Maui creators can be found at Wings Hawaii. Westside couture by LeRu features the designer's eclectic combination of reclaimed, Boho and rock and roll. MauiThing, 7 N. Market St., Wailuku; 808-249-0215 Wings, 69 Hana Hwy., … [Read more...]

Olfactory Finds: Give the Gift of Maui Scents

The sensation of smell is very strong, and can evoke especially vivid memories and emotions. Go intimate by gifting a vial of delicious vanilla and tropical Bootzie Oil in a charming pink satin bag. The oil has a luxurious smell developed by Maui Girl Bootzie. Or if the gift of aromatherapy is more what you’re looking for, a bottle of Gemelixir is a special blend of essential oils and gemstones that creates a spray to initiate transformations in … [Read more...]

Santa Got A Light? The Vape and other smoky gifts

The big deal this year at all the smoke shops is the advent of the electronic cigarette. The Vape market has grown in leaps and bounds, and now various flavors and fancy vape cigarettes in a rainbow of colors exist to smokers’ delights. If your beloved smoker is a traditionalist, stick to the essentials–organic tobaccos, tobacco water pipes, stash cans to keep your leaves fresh, quality rolling papers and lighters. Hawaiian Holy Smokes, 320 … [Read more...]

Maui Lei Hulu-Gift the ancient art of Feather work

Feather arts is one of the oldest practiced art forms on this island. It’s the ancient practice of very carefully stringing and sewing feathers into bands, leis, capes, standards and garments. In fact, Maui is renowned for its pheasant hat bands. These days, the art form takes contemporary and traditional forms but either way, these items will become family heirlooms. Maui Feather Lei, 58 Central Ave., Wailuku 808-280-1517 Maui Creations, Maui … [Read more...]

Tech Generation-Maui gadget geeks don’t have to go hungry this christmas

You don't have to be a tech nerd to find cool gadgets. Just get the add ons and accessories for the screen time-obsessed. The Watershot for iPhone can take your electronics underwater up to 195 feet. But if phone cases don't work, sports enthusiasts and geeks love using the GoPro to tail their every move. Hint: check your local pawn shops for cool devices, too. Sailboards Maui, 22 Baldwin Ave., Paia; 808-579-8432 Kama‘aina Loan, Market St., … [Read more...]

Lacy Loungewear-Maui made lingerie and best undergarment fitting for Gifts

Are sexy underthings on her list? Find the handmade goods from Maui's artisans for the most original gifts in beautiful fabrics. Not so sure on her size? Send her to Perfection, where fitting diva Terri Erwin works one-on-one with her clients. PerfectionBraFitting.com Perfection, 55 N. Church St., Cottage A, Wailuku; 808-269-4437 Biasa Rose 104 Hana Hwy., Paia; 808-579-8602 … [Read more...]

Maui Gifts: The Queen Bee Royal Scrub and Body Products

The Queen Bee products made on Maui are hand-crafted by an artisanal herbalist and esthetician team with their own bees raised in Kula. The resulting honey-based organic products are both top quality and coveted. "This is one of the best exfoliants I have used,” says Haiku Esthetician Emily Grace. “Besides that it works amazing to get rid of those crusty dry skin cells. It’s made with organic ingredients like raw honey, green papaya enzymes and … [Read more...]